Zodiac Signs: Should You Be Aware?

Zodiac Signs: Should You Be Aware?

There are plenty of things to consider when you go on a date with someone. You should look at how they conduct themselves, how they treat others, how they dress, and what their zodiac sign is because it may mean that they’re a serial killer. Sorry, what? 

That’s right — we said zodiac sign, and we said serial killer. 

It turns out that serial killers are more likely to come from one star sign than others. Now, we’re not saying that it’s likely that a person will be a serial killer just because they happen to be a Sagittarius. The odds of someone being — or becoming — a serial killer is about as low as the odds get. But if you’re someone who takes star signs seriously, then it’s worth keeping in mind.

There are some star signs that have produced a higher-than-usual number of serial killers. Others are on the low-end. The majority sit in the middle, neither fully committed nor completely clean.

If you’re looking for a cheat sheet of which star signs to avoid, then here it is: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, and Sagittarius have all produced the highest number of serial killers (46 each). On the bottom rung of the ladder — otherwise known as ‘the most gentle’ — we have Gemini and Taurus, which have both produced just 27 serial killers.  

Below, you’ll find an infographic that tells you how many serial killers each star sign has produced. We’re not saying you should read all that much into it, but it might be worth asking your next date when they were born!

Infographic Design By Zodiac Signs Of Serial Killers

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