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Festival season is almost upon us and once again, we all need to start rooting around in the backs of our wardrobes for the clothes we only get to wear once a year. That’s right, those feather crowns, sparkly glitter sets and face paints are getting a new lease of life!


Whether you prefer to party in the desert or head off to Europe for the stunning array of music festivals there, fashion has the final say on what’s cool and what’s so last year. So here is your guide to the must-haves of the season, the fashion stalwarts that have lasted every year so far.

Awesome Sunnies

Come rain or come shine, a decent pair of sunglasses (or 2, or 3) are always vital at a music festival. Given that you will spend your entire day stood outside, having some glasses handy will help your eyes relax and make you look great too.


Though you might be tempted to wear designer shades while you party, the best advice is to go a bit cheaper just in case you lose them while you dance around in the crowd. Kitsch is always fashionable at festivals and the more novel you can pull off the better. When it comes to sunglasses, there is only one crowd where novelty glasses can be worn with genuine pleasure.

Floaty Dresses

For maximum comfort with minimum effort, floaty dresses are by far the best at festivals. Choose bright colors and folksy prints to really get into the swing of festival life and play with handkerchief skirts as well. Have a look at Madam Lulu’s festival clothing range for a few ideas of what you should be going for (and then just buy these dresses because they are so gorgeous!)


The best thing about a floaty dress is that it works with flip flops and fancy sandals just as well as it does with proper walking boots built for comfort. In fact, wear them with whatever you like – anything goes at a festival!

Cute Rucksack

When you are spending your days wandering around a big site, you will need to have a comfortable bag to take with you. Shoulder bags might look nice but they can easily get lost in a crowd and are more difficult to keep track of. A rucksack is a much better choice as you can put more in it and adjust the straps to get a comfy fit.


A good bit of advice is to pop a loo roll in your rucksack with some wet wipes just in case as well as a bottle of water. This should mean that you can approach any situation with a smile and the knowledge that you are all set to enjoy another great day.


Festivals are so much fun and when you have everything you need, the sun is shining and your favorite song is about to be played, there is no place in the world you would rather be. Enjoy your summer!

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