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The big day is approaching, you have planned it for years. You are going to mark the occasion by going all out. You have been a self-employed queen for a year, two or more. And you want to mark the event by getting yourself something unforgettable. After all, who put all the hard work in to make you the success you are? Yes, it was you!


So who is it that deserves to have something utterly luxurious to celebrate? You again!


Here are some super beautiful items that you can buy for yourself, that won’t break the bank but will undoubtedly be a reminder of just how far you have come.


Firstly – The shoes. Did you ever watch Sex and the City and see Carrie’s shoes, the Manolo, Jimmy Choo, Vivienne Westwood and of course Valentino. If there was a shoe worth coveting, she was wearing it. So now it is your turn. You don’t have to go all out and get a 5-inch heel if it isn’t what you love, all the designers do kitten heels and flats too. But, find something you love and treat your feet – after all, hard-working feet deserve the best.


The Bling. You might be an OTT kind of girl and need big chunky gems hanging around your neck, and swinging from your lobes, or maybe you’re the dainty key pieces type. Either way getting yourself a piece, something flawless and unforgettable like the Tacori Wedding Rings from Whiteflash might be that little piece of sparkly heaven that you need. Every time you look down, you’ll see the commitment you made to yourself the day you became self-employed.


It doesn’t matter if you are a baguette, tote or satchel kinda gal. Here you want to look at your most used bag (price per use counts right?), and replace it with a high-end luxury brand. Fendi does some of the most gorgeous baguette handbags, check out the Gucci Sylvie if you’re a shoulder bag lover, Valentino for the mini leather tote and for business purposes a Mulberry Bayswater will win your heart and carry your laptop too.


Those gorgeous little accessory details are all on the outside but what about your mind? While you might not need to overload yourself with more projects you should be taking care of yourself mentally. Try and find local places that have opportunities for you to learn a new skill or nurture one you already have.


Pamper you, book yourself a massage, a mani-pedi, get your brows done. Do something that means you are being taken care of in a straightforward but luxurious way. Facials and getting your hair done are fantastic, spending an hour being pampered is something pretty special.


Finally, stretch your muscles out. Book a proper yoga class, and go and get yourself relaxed, stretched and calm. Taking care of your body is essential when you run your own company – after all if you aren’t in top condition, who else will do the work for you?


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