3 Reasons All Book Lovers Should Visit A Library In 2018

3 Reasons All Book Lovers Should Visit A Library In 2018

Most people visit libraries throughout their childhood; for many of us, this is the first insight into the wonderful world of books and the joys they can bring. However, as we grow older, the habit of visiting a library is one that we often fall out of – instead, we focus on purchasing our own books instead. While buying your own books is a fine choice in and of itself, returning to the library-going ways of your childhood every once in a while could be surprisingly beneficial…


You can borrow more than books


Modern libraries have adapted to the changing times, and you can now borrow a range of different media types from the majority of public libraries. DVDs, music, and even video games are frequently available at 21st-century libraries, which could save you a small fortune when compared to purchasing these items individually.


Libraries allow you to experience hidden treasures


As many of us now buy our books online, the experience of browsing has gradually faded – we just go to the product page for the book we want to buy, purchase it, and move on. Libraries, however, encourage browsing, which can mean that you find a real gem that it’s unlikely you would have noticed otherwise.


Libraries are more than just books


Many libraries have become similar to museums, hosting collections of objects and memorabilia that can be incredibly rewarding to explore. The infographic below provides insight into some of the more unusual collections held by libraries – which of these do you think might tempt you to a visit?


Infographic Design By University of Southern California

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