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There often comes a time in someone’s life where they wake up one day and decide that it’s time for a change. This can be triggered by something, or happen entirely on its own, but you may begin reflecting on your life and looking at any bad habits that you may have, and realise that you can do a lot better. This is something to encourage because it means that you see something that isn’t quite working the way you want it to, and so you’re ready to change that, and this can be a very difficult thing to do, especially if you’ve been doing it forever.


For example, you may look in the mirror and notice those love handles forming around your waist, or those pockets of fat around your knees that were never there before. Or maybe your face appears to be getting rounder, or your favourite jeans don’t fit you anymore. Whatever it is – no matter how crappy you may be feeling about yourself right now – know that you have the power to change that. There are a lot of things in our lives that we cannot control, and this can be an awfully frustrating thing, but rather than wasting energy on things that are going to happen anyway, why not focus on the things that you do have full control over? Like the things you’re putting into your body, and how you use it.


If you feel like you’re ready for a lifestyle change, it’s so important that you do this for you, and nobody else, otherwise it won’t be something that sticks. For example, if you’re looking for a gym, you need to find something that can cater to your own needs, and what’s best for the circumstances that you’re in, otherwise you’ll always find a reason not to go. It isn’t about extreme dieting and cutting down your calories into a few hundred every day, or fasting, or going on juice diets – this is dangerous and the results will not last. As soon as you begin to eat normally again, all of the weight will go back on, so essentially you’re putting your body through extreme discomfort and you won’t even gain what you wanted. So if you do want to lose weight, then go about it the right way.


Another thing to remember is that this shouldn’t feel like some awful punishment – it should be fun. Sure, there will be times where you’re exhausted and sweaty and just want a greasy burger to comfort your soul, but know that you’re strong, and you can get through anything, even gruelling workouts.


If you’re still not too convinced, then here are some examples of how you can work out and feel good while doing it.


Turn up the volume

Let’s face it, music is a powerful source on its own, regardless of what else is going on around it. It is able to consume you and make everything else disappear into oblivion, and this is why it goes hand in hand with working out. There’s a huge difference to doing reps in the gym, hearing all the background noise and chatter around you, while that voice inside your head is screaming “HOW MUCH MORE OF THIS???!!!” – It’s rather hard to focus with all of these distractions. But when you slip those headphones on and blast your favourite tune instead, you will immediately have a surge of determination and strength run through your body, getting you through your workout. You can find some of the best-suited headphones by looking at reviews on headphonesaddict, so take a look and see what’s best for you. Music also helps to boost up your confidence in all sorts of environments. It psyches you up ready for a big day ahead, so take advantage of this whenever necessary.


Have a buddy with you

More often than not, a lot of people can get quite nervous about the idea of going to work out. Even if it isn’t in a gym, it’s still taking a lot to go out from the comfort of your own home and run around the block. The truth is, people won’t be taking any notice of you – you’re just a mere runner to them, but it’s normal to be anxious and under the impression that people are staring at you as they drive by, especially when you first start out. You’re self-conscious and feel silly, but there really is no need to. If you do have this issue though, then one simple way to solve it is by having a friend with you. Most insecurities come from being alone in new situations, so with a friend by your side, you have a distraction. You can laugh and joke around together, and not feel so vulnerable anymore. So get your favourite person motivated to get fit with you, not only will it make the overall experience a better one, but you can be each others cheerleader too, and that makes a huge difference in the outcome.


Document the journey

When you decide to start working out and keeping active, then a really cool idea that can pay off in the long run, is to document the journey. You don’t have to do this to the extent of writing every single thing you consume in a day at the exact time, etc. Although if you feel you would benefit from that then why not? But the idea is to take a photo of yourself in your undies – even if you don’t like what you see back – do it anyway. You can also weigh yourself too. Then every week, or every two weeks, you can do this all over again. Make sure that you wear what you wore in the first original photo, and stand in the same way. Over time, you will be able to compare images and see drastic changes. You have to be patient in order for this to work, but it can do wonders for your mind and motivation because you are visually able to see a change.

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