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4 Great Ways to Whip Your Body into Shape and Regain Your Confidence

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It was Beyonce who once said that “The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence”. Confidence in herself, her body, her beauty, and her abilities. And while personal attributes and character traits are good, every woman desires to be beautiful and to have a great body. If this is your goal, then there’s hope. 

You can actually get your body in great shape by doing a few things that work. But to make the entire process easy for you, this blog post features some of the most effective weight loss and body sculpting methods that you can start doing today. If you follow the tips listed here, your body will snap back and you’ll look amazing.

Start Eating Healthy

If you’re currently overweight or bigger than you’d like, this is the first place to begin. You have to watch what goes into your body. Studies show that women only need between 2000 and 2,200 calories per day to maintain their weight. 

This means that if you eat more than these calories, you will likely gain weight –slowly, but surely. While calorie counting can be a bit difficult, the best way to keep your calorie intake down is by eating more vegetables, fruits, proteins, and healthy fats. Cut down on your carbs because they tend to contain high amounts of calories. 

Also, get rid of junk foods. Soda, burgers, and other junk foods don’t do your body any good. And for some reason, those foods seem to always go straight to your stomach and hips. Instead, drink more water, and choose healthier snacks. It’s always better to eat more fruits than to scarf down a pack of Pringles.  

Do More Exercise

Now that more women are working desk jobs that require you to spend a lot of time sitting down, you need to find ways to get and stay active. Studies are showing that sitting is the new smoking. Sitting for up to or more than 8 hours a day is dangerous for your health. 

However, moderate physical activity of 55 to 75 minutes a day can offset the bad effects of prolonged sitting. So, find time to take walks. For example, if you’re going into the office, find a car park that’s at least 20 minutes away from your office, park there, and walk to and from your office. 

This will get you at least 40 minutes of moderate-paced walking every day. All you have to do is find another 20 to 30 minutes of physical activity to maintain and lose weight. If possible, get a standing or walking desk at the office. This way, you can easily walk or stand while you’re working. 

Change Your Lifestyle

If you smoke, drink alcohol, party a lot, get little or no sleep, watch too much TV, and generally indulge in potentially harmful activities, you need to stop. Our goal here is to make lasting changes to your life so that not only do you end up losing weight and getting in great shape physically, you’ll also become a better person for it. 

This is where real confidence comes from. Nothing is better than a woman who is beautiful inside and out. But it takes work. So, start cutting out all those bad habits. Stop smoking, get more sleep –you need 7-9 hours every night- cut back on the girls’ night out, invest in good books, and stop having sex with random strangers. 

Most women don’t know this, but apart from the fact that you can potentially contract an STD, sex with random people eats away at the core of who you are. 

Find new healthy hobbies that give you a lot of joy like reading good books, meditating, practicing mindfulness, and even gardening –yes gardening can be quite therapeutic and soothing.

Consider Liposuction 

If you are too big and can afford liposuction, you should totally do it. Liposuction is a pretty fast way to remove excess fat and gives you a head start on your fat loss journey. And remember to take care of yourself after the surgery. 

Go in for regular dressings and post-operative care, wear body shaping products that will help you heal faster, and adhere to all your doctor’s recommendations. 

In Conclusion

Your body can snap back and you can discover newfound confidence levels that you didn’t even know you could have. But, you have to do the work. Nothing good and worthwhile is easy. And when you find yourself thinking that the process is too hard, remember that the alternative is worse. 

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