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4 Kitchen Renovations That Add Value To Your House

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When it comes time to sell your house and move on, you obviously want to get the best price possible. A house is an investment so if you’re going to sell it, you need to make sure that you get more than you paid for it in the first place. Chances are, there is going to be a bit of wear and tear over the years and you’ll need to give a little care and attention to the house if you’re going to sell it for a good price. When buyers are looking around, even small cosmetic problems are going to put them off making an offer. One of the first rooms that buyers check out is the kitchen. It’s no longer just a place for cooking and eating, it’s a place for entertaining guests and spending time with the family. Without a good kitchen, you’re really going to struggle to sell your house for a good price. If your kitchen is in need of an overhaul, these are the changes that will add value to your house.

New Appliances

A good kitchen is a priority for most people and they’re also going to look at how energy efficient the place is. Things like double glazed windows etc. are a part of that, but the appliances in the kitchen are the most important. Older appliances are going to be incredibly inefficient and the energy bills in the house will be very high. That’s going to be a big problem for potential buyers and, even if they like the rest of the house, they’re probably not going to make an offer on a place that will cost them a lot to live in. It’s a bit of an investment to swap out all of the appliances in the kitchen with new ones but you’ll save money for the remainder of the time you’re living there and you’ll be able to sell the house for a lot more, so you’ll get all of that money back further down the line.

New Units

Although the kitchen is a multifunctional space that people use for all sorts of different things, it’s primary function is still cooking. A kitchen that doesn’t have enough cupboard space is really going to put buyers off. The units also make up the majority of the kitchen and if they’ve seen better days, they’ll make the whole room look dated. Choosing the right units is essential because it’s easy to go over budget or choose a finish that potential buyers won’t like. Visit for some tips on choosing the best kitchen cabinets. It’s best to go for something that’s easy to clean and a fairly neutral color if you’re trying to sell the house. That way, the units in the kitchen aren’t going to put anybody off making an offer on the house.


Cooking and eating in the kitchen is the fun part but, unfortunately, after that comes the washing up. A kitchen without working plumbing is going to be a hard sell so before you start showing anybody around, you need to look out for any signs that your plumbing is damaged. Leaking pipes or low pressure aren’t too difficult to repair but if you’ve got leaks that are causing damp problems, you’re going to have to spend a bit more. It’s a worthwhile investment though because nobody will even consider making an offer on a house with broken plumbing.


Cleaning is everybody’s least favourite thing to do so when buyers are looking around your kitchen, they’ll consider how easy the surfaces are to wipe down. With that in mind, you’ve got to be careful with your flooring choices. Anything that chips easily isn’t great because it needs a lot of upkeep. Wooden floors aren’t ideal either because they’ll hold on to dirt and can easily get scratched. has a great guide to help you find the perfect floors for your kitchen. Vinyl is great because it’s easy to clean, just make sure that you pick something that goes with the new units you’ve installed.

How Much Should You Spend?

The amount of money that you spend on your kitchen renovation is important, especially if you want to make that money back when you sell the house. You need to make sure that the amount you spend matches the value of your house. For example, if you put a cheap kitchen in a $500,000 house, you’ll bring the value down. Equally, if you put an expensive kitchen in a cheaper house, you won’t make the money back when you sell. You also need to consider other costs on top of the price of the new kitchen. For example, you’re likely going to need to hire a skip to dispose of the old fittings, so looking for quotes on sites alike to might be a good starting point. Also, you need to consider how much it’s going to cost to have professionals to fit the kitchen if you don’t want to do it yourself. These are just a couple of things to think about when budgeting for your new kitchen!

If you make these changes to the kitchen and make sure that you get the budget right, you’ll be able to sell your house for a lot more money.

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