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4 Things You Should Be Doing In Your 30s

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According to the gospel that is Carrie Bradshaw, your 30s are to learn the lessons. And there are a lot of lessons to learn in this decade of your life. 

After having a great time in your 20s, your 30s can be more of a time to settle and make big leaps – while still having a great time, of course. 

There are things you should be doing in your 30s that will help you take some responsibility and practice better self-care, while also setting you up for a positive future. 

1. Pay closer attention to your health

When you’re in your 30s, your priorities change. You could settle down, have a family and buy a home – all things that require additional responsibility. Staying healthy means that you can enjoy all of that both now and when you’re older. Now is the time to make sure you’re exercising regularly and eating healthily – it will keep you looking and feeling younger too!

Check out some of the ways your fitness should change in your 30s and make some changes that will benefit your overall health.

2. Give some thought to your retirement plans

Your retirement can feel like a far-off event, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it some thought. You’ll want to think about the money you’ll need to retire, and most importantly when you want to retire! More and more people are looking for ways to retire early, and you could be one of them.

Having some investments can help you fund your retirement, as well as life’s other big milestones. With Accuplan, you can make it happen easily so that you can get to work on growing your investments. Consult a financial adviser if you need some guidance around your retirement.

3. Take your skincare routine up a notch

Skincare becomes a lot more important in your 30s! Your skin will have different needs, and it’s important that you invest in the right products and spend time giving your skin some self-care. There are some amazing skincare tips for your 30s that will help you craft a beneficial routine and help your skin stay youthful and glowing.

4. Doing more of what you want

If you’re a people pleaser, it might be time to stop putting others first and focus more on yourself. Spending time doing more of what you want can help you ease stress and have fun. Don’t be afraid to say no to plans or feel bad for wanting some time to yourself – it’s important for your mental wellbeing and can help you find time for all the things you love doing.

Your 30s are the ideal time to craft some new habits and become your most confident, happiest self. Making some adjustments to your habits is a great way to keep on top of your health and wellbeing, while also making sure you’ve given some thought to your future. Make the most of your 30s and enjoy the benefits in the decades to come.

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