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Grooming Tips To Keep Your Dog Looking Good

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Grooming Tips To Keep Your Dog Looking Good

As a dog owner, you’re no stranger to grooming appointments. But what about the time between appointments? Read on for a few grooming tips to keep your dog looking good every day.

Brush Their Fur

Brushing your dog’s fur will keep it free from debris, dead hair, dirt, and the foul odors that your dog’s coat and skin can give off. Daily brushing will distribute their natural oils, keeping their coat healthy. It will also keep tangled and matted messes from developing in their fur.

If your pup has longer fur, you’ll need more than just a regular brush. A metal comb will help get down to your dog’s skin to break up mats that are beginning to form. Use the comb to gently break up the mat.

Woman brushing her dog at home

Nail Trim

Some dogs’ nails grow quicker than others, and they’ll need to be trimmed between trips to the groomer. If you are diligent about your appointments, you can get away with trimming off the ends of your pup’s nails.

Brush Their Teeth

You can get by brushing your dog’s teeth two to three times a week, but ideally, you should brush them daily. Use dog-friendly toothpaste because dogs can’t spit as we humans can—it would be harmful if they swallowed human toothpaste. Make sure you’re using a soft-bristle brush or a rubber finger brush.

If you’re having a tough time with it, specially designed chew treats or dental dog sprays will work as well.

Young blond woman brushing teeth of her dog at home on white brick wall background

Clean Their Ears

If your dog has heavy or long ears, like a basset hound, for example, cleaning their ears to prevent infection is a must. Purchase a doggie ear cleaning solution or make your own at home. Wet a cotton ball with the mixture, then start from the outside of the ear and work inward. Don’t put the cotton ball or swab inside the ear because you can hurt your pup, but gently clean all around the folds.


If your pup loves to swim, make sure you’re cleaning and drying their ears each time they swim.

Stay up to date with your grooming appointments to keep your dog looking good all year round.

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