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If you’re like me and many moms out there, you may find yourself in the same boat. You’ve got an insane schedule that does not afford much free time and this makes getting ready in the morning a struggle, right?

But, we all still want to look put together. You want to make sure you have nice makeup on so that you can feel confident and happy that morning. After all, it’s important to look and feel good, right? You deserve it!

I’m in the same boat as many working mothers and I’m always trying to get ready at a sane time in the morning.

Therefore, I am going to share with you my 5 minute makeup look that comes to my aid whenever I need to put makeup on for the day. It takes 5 minutes from start to finish and allows me to get ready quickly in the morning without stressing myself out.

STEP 1: Foundation

Find a foundation that you absolutely love and covers well, my favorite is from The Ordinary. Their serum foundation is amazing with coverage and a light feel. Use a foundation brush to apply evenly all over the face.

STEP 2: Contour & Blush

I love palettes that are multi-use as I just need that one product to get a lot of other uses from it, for the purpose of quick application. I use the Sugar Blossom Palette from Pixi Beauty which has my contour, blush, and highlight (You can find it at Target or Ulta or on their website). Apply each subtly, no need for too much since we are achieving a daytime look.

STEP 3: Eye Crease Contour

The goal of sticking to one neutral eye crease color is time, also it looks very subtle while still creating depth in the eyes. Choose a color that matches your skin tone, the darker you go with the shade the more depth you add to the eye. A great palette to achieve this look is the Rosette Ray from Pixi Beauty.

STEP 4: Mascara

Mascara to open the eyes and create full lashes, if you have lash extensions like I do, just brush them out.

Here are my TOP Mascara Recommendations:

STEP 5: Lip Stain or Color

This one is totally up to you, whether you like glossy, matte, or just stained lips you can’t go wrong here.

This system is seriously helpful!

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