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Crop visagiste woman taking dry blush for cheeks with brush

Best Go-To Blush Placements

Let’s admit it—there’s something about blush that instantly lifts our appearance! From enhancing our skin complexions to creating that youthful glow, we can’t get enough!

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Girl with Halloween make up holding a burning candle.

4 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks

Having trouble deciding what to be for Halloween? We’ve got you covered! If you want to stun the party with incredible makeup artistry, then keep

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False Eyelashes

How To Pick False Lashes

Long and striking lashes are always on our wish list, because what’s better than having that extra boost of confidence? But did you know that

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beautiful blonde girl with dark lipstick

Dark Lipstick Cheat Sheet

There is something about a dark lip look that simply screams glamour! Maybe it’s the rich pigment or the sharp outline. Surprisingly enough, creating that

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Make-up set


No matter if you are traveling, getting ready for a night out, or simply cleaning out your makeup collection, having the perfect makeup kit is

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Portrait of happy carefree black woman enjoying coffee break in Paris.

Makeup Tips For Deep Skin

We all have different skin complexions and skin tones that require specific beauty products and makeup techniques. As deeper skin tone gals, we are always

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