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woman touching gold necklace

All too often, a jewelry box becomes cluttered with too many items that are used nearly enough. If you want to pare down your jewelry box and use your items more frequently, select statement pieces and items made from high-grade materials like gold to ensure they work with all outfits. 

Statement Earrings 

Whether your earrings are studs, hoops drops, or something else, wearing statement pieces sets you apart in a crowd and attracts the right attention. Statement earrings tend to stand out a little more than standard ones and are more likely to attract comments from people at events. 

How do you choose a nice set of statement earrings? This is a good question because these pieces are bold and might only work with certain styles and clothing. If you want to invest in a quality statement piece that works well with most things, buy gold jewelry from LondonGold.    

Statement Necklace 

A necklace can make all the difference to an outfit for a special occasion; conversely, it can make an outfit incomplete when it’s absent. This is especially true of a statement necklace that is meant to draw the right attention and complement your outfit with an eye-catching neckpiece.  

Statement necklaces come in various styles and materials. There’s nothing wrong with having a range of statement necklaces in your jewelry box; after all, some items suit some occasions better than others. But if you want fewer items for more outfits, focus on high-quality materials. 


Personal Rings 

Some people wear multiple rings every day while others wear none at all, but wherever you sit on the ring continuum, it’s good to have a few personalized pieces in your jewelry box that you can wear on special occasions or every day, depending on your mood, habits, or excursions. 

Personal rings can be engagement rings or wedding rings; equally, they can be rings that mean something to you for a different reason. Perhaps you bought the ring in a special place you went to visit, or it has a particular color or stone you love. These items are sure to say a lot about you.  Talking about engagement rings, it’s every woman’s dream to have an engagement ring as part of her jewelry. If you love color, consider a colorful gemstone instead of a diamond. Sapphire, emerald, and ruby are all popular choices. However, if you’re looking for something a little different, try a ring with an unusual setting or multiple stones. You can also choose an engagement ring made from alternative metal, such as rose gold or palladium. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s a ring you’ll love wearing every day.    

Special Watch 

There’s no doubt that watches are obsolete in this day and age. If you want to know the time, all you have to do is look at a smartphone, a tablet screen, a television, or any convenient screen around you. That said, people still wear watches for their style and for convenient time telling. 

Some people wear an everyday watch for the feel of it, while others prefer a special watch for a day out, a vacation, or a special event. Others still collect special watches and use them as jewelry accessories. The best watches for this purpose are made from quality materials. 

Striking Bracelet 

Like most jewelry, bracelets are optional, but they make all the difference to an outfit and contribute to the overall style of an outfit. Quality gold bracelets work with many different outfits but having diverse bracelets in your box can create different tones and styles for your events. 

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