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5 Ways to Accessorize Your Maxi Dress

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Do you have a maxi dress in your wardrobe that has been a favorite for some time? Is it still in good condition and you want to keep wearing it but would like to make it look a little different from when you wore it last year? The answer is to add accessories, as these can make any maxi dress, which let’s face it is a constant style staple, look totally different.




A maxi dress is not just for evening wear, they can just as easily be worn to the office or to go shopping and they will look equally as stylish in all situations. A jacket can alter the way they look and perhaps make it appear more classy for work. The jacket should be not much below your waist, as longer jackets do not have the same effect. Blazers and leather jackets always look good with them and throw on a pair of heels and you are ready to go anywhere in your maxi dress.


You can wear warmer jackets if the evenings get a bit chilly, or something cooler on a warm sunny day.




Jewelry can have a massive impact on the appearance of your maxi dress.  With something plain you could wear a necklace that is bold, bright and large, or if you want something a bit more understated but will still get noticed, wear an infinity name necklace. If your dress has a fussy neckline, perhaps you should concentrate on earrings and bracelets that will show it off, and keep the neck jewelry very simple.




Belts can change the shape of your maxi dress, and be used to show off your curves. You can use a different one every time you wear it, depending on if you are partying or off to work. Decorative sashes can be good as well and sometimes look more sophisticated.


Thin belts and thick belts in all different colors are readily available at very reasonable prices, and having a few to choose from is a good idea,


Hats And Scarfs


We all know that hats come in many different shapes and sizes, and you will know which you are most comfortable wearing. Large floppy hats tend to suggest sunny days and can be very formal, where much smaller hats give the appearance of being more casual. A scarf can be used in several different ways. You can wear them around your neck or your wrists as well as on your head. As headgear, there are also many different ways to wear them and a scarf is a very flexible accessory.


It is not difficult to find a huge choice of hats and scarfs, and you are bound to find more than one that will suit your mood and your maxi dress.


Swap Accessories Around


Buying accessories is cheaper than buying a new maxi dress, and if you have a few of them you can make your outfit look different every time you wear it. The same accessories can be used with other clothes as well, so they certainly are a worthwhile investment. A few hats, belts and pieces of jewelry can change your whole wardrobe, and make you feel good about what you are wearing.


How do you wear yours?


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