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Living on your own, whether you’re off to college or trying out the big city for the first time, is a big step. You need to be able to survive on your own, and make sure you’re never too dependent on Ramen and convenience store burritos, and getting out and about regularly enough can just get too tiring when you’re working 40 hours a week. Your life can get a bit messy, and all that ends up being contained within four walls!


And that can get you down; so now’s the time to make sure you’re never feeling too trapped or irredeemably messy in the place you went out of your way to secure. Here’s a couple of tips and tricks for making sure your four walls are never getting you down.


Blank walls can get very boring, and the same sight day in and day out doesn’t do anyone any good.


Try Cleaning Up


You should never underestimate how much a deep clean can do for your mindset. When are surroundings are tidy, our brains feel tidy, and that’s always a feeling you should bask in when the going gets tough. So if you’re sick of looking at the same four walls and everything in them, why not have a quick whip round with a mop and duster?


And also take this opportunity to sort out any problems you’ve been experiencing inside your home. You usually put the task off and off until tomorrow right? So whilst you’re on a productivity kick, call up Mr. Rooter Plumbing to finally get your bathroom faucet seen to. And have him look at the toilet flush whilst he’s there; get everything serviced to feel better about the place you’re living!


Get Some Real Furniture


Sure, you may be living in your place for only a temporary period, or your lease will be up within 6 months, but you’re still going to need the place to feel like home. Your brain is hardwired to work when it feels comfortable in its surroundings, so keep the cheap IKEA stuff to a minimum! Your house absolutely needs to feel like a home.


Make sure you buy furniture you like, and with real, sturdy material to make it up. Wood is always a strong contender, and these pieces can be found by the dozen in thrift or antique stores. And then you can decorate accordingly, in a style you’ve always liked and with colors that really make a room pop. And don’t worry, you can change these whenever you want to with a quick lick of paint!


Being tired of the four walls that house you is never a fun way to live, and people always underestimate the damage it can do. So make sure you’re living your best life, with plenty of interesting things and fun color palettes around you. Hey, even students still have souls to nourish, even with the freshman fifteen!


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