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Eyelash growth seems to be another beauty dilemma to add to the list of woes of women everywhere. Those with short eyelashes have suffered and have attempted to solve the problem with all kinds of remedies from full false eyelashes to partial eyelash extensions to the plethora of different topical potions and serum formulas that stimulate hair growth. With so many eyelash serums out there, what is a woman to do? Enter, and welcome Eye Wonder Serum by Monat

Eye Wonder Serum

Eye Wonder Serum from Monat is made to deal with short eyelash issues. It is an eyelash growth serum designed with high performance in mind and is available in a magic wand formula that has proven to be a fast and speedy facilitator of lash and eyebrow growth. 

Testimony for Growth

Women using this amazing formula just happen to be true testimonies for Eye Wonder. They have seen real hair growth anywhere within a week to 10 days, and there are even women who have seen growth in a week’s time, including myself. The differences are beyond belief! Not many eyelash growth products can boast such results, but Eye Wonder Serum truly is an incredible product. In its introductory phases, the serum was only available to Monat distributors and select members and that initial launch proved tremendous, as the product was gone within a day. In Eye Wonder’s short duration, those of us who have had the formula ahead of time have witnessed phenomenal results in the short time that the product has been in the marketplace. 

Everyone Wants Longer Lashes

Let’s face it, everyone wants longer lashes and when lashes become stubby and are hardly visible, it’s hard to be satisfied with false eyelashes that either look obvious or are difficult to use and keep in place. Even eyelash extensions can be annoying, irritating and damaging. My lashes have suffered from the pulling and tugging to the point that I have lost clumps of lashes. Dealing with sparse lashes is a harsh reality. Many women, including me, have tried the latest strengthening and lengthening mascaras that are supposed to mimic the look of false eyelashes. Most of the time they don’t work. The repetitive layering routine didn’t cut it. All I was achieving was a thicker look as opposed to a real change in length. I worried about having no lashes at all and even used coconut oil in an attempt to get my lashes back on track. 

Lash Regrets

Maybe you are feeling the same way about your lashes and are discouraged as to anything saving and elongating them. Are you going to deliberate over the pros and cons of using false eyelashes or using extensions, or are you going to pile on every new lengthening mascara that comes off the cosmetic production line? You don’t have to have any regrets either way when it comes to an eyelash growth serum like Eye Wonder as it will compensate for any false eyelashes, extensions or upgraded mascaras. 

Beneficial Ingredients

Eye Wonder contains beneficial ingredients that are good for both eyelash and brow growth. One ingredient, Capixyl, boosts both the condition and stability of hair follicles. Another ingredient, Fision KeraVeg18, strengthens and enriches the gleam of eyelashes and eyebrows. This ingredient is considered a vegetable substitute to animal related keratin. 

Speaking of Brows

Eye Wonder is not just for eyelashes, as eyebrows can benefit from this serum as well. I should know better than anyone as I plucked my eyebrows so thin that I barely had any eyebrows left, and I had to fill them in on a daily basis with eyebrow pencil. There were so many blank areas that I used an eyebrow stencil to color in all the spaces that were completely void of hair. Unfortunately, I went through a time with skimpy eyebrows and not until Eye Wonder entered the scene was I able to regain thicker and more uniform eyebrows. It’s been nice not having to constantly use an eyebrow pencil and the stencil. 

Using Eye Wonder

Using and applying the serum is fairly simple. I just apply a thin layer in the morning and evening. You just have to make sure that you apply it to a clean face. Thoroughly remove any makeup, as you want the serum to be fully absorbed into eyelashes. Both the upper and lower lashes should be thinly coated. 

In the case of the eyebrows, the same twice a day routine applies. Again, make sure your face is free of makeup. Apply it to the brow area in a diagonal fashion, massage the serum into the brows and allow it to be absorbed into the area. Both the eyelash and eyebrow routine should go on for a 28 day cycle without interruption. If you see immediate results, don’t deviate from the cycle. Just continue using it as though you are on a prescription treatment plan. Also, once the serum is in place, wait at least 10 minutes before applying moisturizers, primers or any other makeup products. Again, results should be evident in a week to 10 days. 


With sales going up up and away, now is the time to order your Eye Wonder and reap the benefits of increased eyelash and eyebrow hair growth. Forget worrying about the quest for long lashes and thicker eyebrows. With Eye Wonder you’ll be worry free. 

If you have any questions, you can email me as well as order the serum. Don’t delay and miss out on this opportunity for new and improved eyelashes and eyebrows. You won’t regret it.

Oh, I am also offering a free Eye Wonder Lash and Brow Serum if you sign up as a Market Partner or VIP. Think about signing up for your own business as well.

Read about this exciting opportunity here.

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