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Best Ways To Help the Bride as a Bridesmaid

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Best Ways To Help the Bride as a Bridesmaid

When it comes to your best friend’s engagement, the anticipation of receiving the big question always lingers in the back of your mind. Will she ask you to stand beside her on the big day? Though being a bridesmaid is a great privilege, it’s a big responsibility.

Be a Calming Influence on the Big Day

Someone’s wedding day is possibly the most emotional day they’ll ever experience. With a whole host of worries and a new chapter about to begin, it’s too easy for the bride to feel the walls cave in around her. One of the biggest and best ways to help the bride as a bridesmaid is to keep her calm.

It’s challenging to take someone else’s struggles from them entirely. Standing beside your best friend stretches beyond the alter. Support her feelings, encourage her decisions, and remind her everything will happen as it needs to. After all, you’re one of her best friends for a reason.

Open Your Heart To Be a Place of Security

Being a bridesmaid is more than a one-day gig. Apart from helping the bride during the wedding, there’s the engagement portion of the duties. Upon you agreeing to stand at her side, you assume responsibility.

There may come a day in your best friend’s engagement that she heavily relies on the bridal party to help her make it through planning. She could experience decision fatigue or cold feet, and you’re the chosen person in her life that she can trust to keep her head on straight. Be open to her needs a little more than before.

Lend a Helping Hand

There’s mental and emotional help, and then there’s physical. To help the bride have the most unforgettable wedding, put yourself to work to lighten her load. Consider offering yourself for things like:

  • Party favor preparations
  • Setting up/tearing down
  • Creating centerpieces

Support the Bride in Her Wardrobe Journey

Possibly one of the most important ways to help the bride as a bridesmaid is assisting in her wedding attire. While most have a wedding vision board prepared months or years ahead of an engagement, she must have her most dependable support at her side in this process.

Attending her first bridal appointment is essential because this is potentially the time she finds her dress. She will need your honest feedback on top of your happy tears. The other visits may only serve as fittings or alterations.

Remember that this day is about your friend. Ensure you’re up for the job before committing to her and her experience. It can feel like a huge responsibility to take on, but it’ll always be an even more incredible honor.

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