Common Hair Mistakes You May Be Making

Common Hair Mistakes You May Be Making

If you notice your hair isn’t looking its best, chances are you have been making these common hair care mistakes.

Using Hot Water Hair Mistakes

What’s better than a hot shower in the cold winter? As it turns out, our hair isn’t as keen on hot water.

  • Very warm and hot waters take away the natural oils found in the scalp.
  • The lower the natural oils – the more we may experience frizziness, itchiness, and scalp irritation!
  • Lukewarm or cold showers are best for healthy and shiny hair.
Woman taking a shower in bathroom hot water hair mistakes

Don’t Skip On Deep Conditioning

Just like our skin, the hair also benefits greatly from products that add hydration to it.

  • Skipping on deep conditioning may lead to frizzy and brittle hair.
  • Deep conditioners help replenish hair moisture, promote elasticity, and add natural shine!

Don’t Use Heat Too Often

Using too much heat on the hair can also result in dull, frizzy hair.

  • The high heat from hair dryers may cause hair breakage and split ends.
  • Instead of keeping the hairdryer on high heat, it’s best to alternate between warm and cool air flows.
close up shot of a person holding a blow dryer, using hot tools too often is a hair mistakes

Use The Right Product

Whether you have naturally curly, straight, or wavy hair, it’s important to use the right products for your gorgeous locks.

  • Specific formulas found in hair products are designed to suit certain hair textures and concerns.
  • A great tip is to research which products work best for your hair and stick to the products that create positive results!

Change The Hairstyle

Here’s a common haircare mistake many of us tend to make.

  • Switching up your hairstyles or even your hair parts is essential for the hair follicles and roots to breathe and grow properly.
  • Change your hairstyle twice a month and watch your hair thrive!
portrait photo of woman with natural curly hair

Don’t Brush Wet Hair

And last but not least, here’s why we shouldn’t brush our wet hair.

  • As wet hair is very fragile, brushing it may cause fall-out and shedding.
  • A pro tip is to let your hair air dry for around 10 minutes before brushing it out.
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