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Don’t Get Your Gym Wear In A Twist: Four Areas To Be Aware Of For An Active Year

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January is well and truly underway, which often means that any resolutions and goals that you set yourself on new years eve may have started off with the very best intentions. Many people like to give their lifestyle a focus when it comes to resolutions, and often losing weight and getting fitter can be two of the most popular ones to set yourself. Getting fit can often be combined with losing weight, and so you yourself could be undergoing a new regie of actoboty, going to the gym or attending classes. However, it isn’t plain sailing when it comes to starting off exercise, especially if it something that you haven’t done for a while. So here are four areas to be aware of for an active year.


Goals and targets


Let’s start off with one of the biggest demotivators that people can have when it comes to starting a new fitness regime, their goals and targets. You may have decided that this is the year you are going to run a marathon, complete a fitness challenge or lose a certain amount of weight. But, often these goals are very far into the future, and when you feel like you are not getting anywhere it is easy to give up. Instead, have those big goals, but then set yourself smaller targets on the road to that end goal. Maybe losing smaller amount of weight, running for a particular distance, or being able to complete a gym class. The smaller targets are more achievable, and they keep you motivated ot eventually get to your end goal.


Being aware of injury


The next thing to think about would be injury. It can happen to you, especially if you haven’t exercised for a while. In some extreme cases you may do some serious damage if you are not careful, causing you to look into things like a back surgeon, or to have surgery on knees or other areas that can pick up injuries easily. Always stretch before intense exercise, and make sure you give your body a chance to cool down with stretches. It may sound like basic things, but not doing it could cause you huge problems, and may even end your fitness journey there and then.


Having the right gear


In order for you to do the exercise you are wanting to do, you need the right gear to help you do it. It isn’t about looking fashionable or part of the crowd, this is basic stuff. It is about having the right supportive footwear for intense workouts or running. It is about being in the gym and able to move freely, such as wearing lycra or gym wear for ease. The right gear helps you to feel protected, and it can also be a motivator. Wearing it from the morning you wake up could give you the motivation to exercise straight away, or attend that class you have booked on to.


Trying different things


Finally, don’t be afraid to try new things. Exercise isn’t just about attending a gym and using equipment. It is about walking and running outside, attending classes, dancing or learning new things. There’s so many ways you can be more active that you are bound to find something that will work for you.

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