Dupe This!

Dupe This!

Alright ladies, For all my mommy friends and followers out there you know damn well that being a mom is tough work, being a mom and a make up addict is two things that don’t go hand-in-hand, because you’re a mom you’re on a budget and trying to save every penny for your little family is kinda-sorta priority, especially when you need to buy diapers, baby food and baby wipes every week. When it comes to Designer make up like Chanel, Urban Decay, MAC, Jeffree Star and many more others I would absolutely love to buy them all, but my poor poor bank account can’t handle it! And that’s why I decided to create a  makeup dupe blog post.

Because I mean who doesn’t love a good dupe?

Below are some dupes that you can buy that won’t break the bank!


What this chart is basically showing me is that I can actually have everything on the right side for almost what a single bottle of Benefits Hello Flawless (that is on the left the 4th product from the top) would cost me… Hello I’m there faster than you can say Oreos!


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