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The old adage “you are what you eat” is never more truer than when we are talking about the health of our skin. Cosmetic manufacturers insist that their new (and expensive) lotion, potion and cream will perform miracles in rejuvenating our skin with vitality and youth. In reality what we eat and drink on a daily basis has more of an effect on the appearance of our skin.The diet we choose affects the appearance of wrinkles, spots, blemishes and dark circles. It is important to include a variety of foods that are nutritious for our skin due to its mineral and vitamin content, as well as essential oils such as omega 3. Sometimes life becomes so hectic that it may be worth investing in a diet supplement such as KetoFact who offer a product especially designed to promote skin health.

What foods should you include in your diet for healthy skin?

Foods containing vitamin C last

Oily fishoily fish contains an abundance of omega 3, which is perfect for skin health. The omega 3 fatty acids help your body to keep your skin moisturised and supple, it also reduces inflammation and encourages healing. Fish containing omega 3 include salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel.

Broccoli – along with blueberries, broccoli is described as a superfood. Broccoli is packed full of vitamins and minerals including zinc, vitamin C and vitamin A. It also has an anti-aging effect, sun protection properties and is even thought to contain anti-cancer properties due to containing sulforaphane and lutein.

Honey – although sugar is seen as being unhealthy for our skin, honey is fantastic when used on our skin as it retains moisture and is a powerful antibiotic. Many dressings in hospitals contain honey due to the fantastic healing properties of this totally natural product.

Eggs – are a very important source of vitamin A, which helps the skin heal itself. Egg yolks contain vitamin B complex vitamins, which are needed for healthy skin and nails. There are lots of benefits to using egg on the skin, for its skin tightening effect, eggs whites make a fabulous facial ingredient.

Nuts and seeds – nuts and seeds contain a multiple number of skin supporting minerals and vitamins. One of the most powerful antioxidants, selenium and linoleic acid helps skin remain moisturised and supple. Sunflower seeds are especially beneficial. Walnuts are also fantastic for healthy skin due to the high levels of omega 3 and zinc. Walnuts are suggested as being beneficial to psoriasis sufferers.

Water – to keep your skin healthy, it is extremely important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Dehydrated skin looks dull, wrinkly and dry. The presence of plenty of fluids allows individual skin cells work to its optimal ability.

To conclude, the above foods will really help the health of your skin if they are a regular part of your daily diet.

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