Flower Beauty Makeup by Drew Barrymore

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Do you know, Drew Barrymore is not only a super-duper talented actress or one of the most beautiful woman in the world. She is also a beauty expert, who recently founded a cosmetics line called Flower Beauty.

Drew Barrymore’s makeup is always stunning and simple, you can achieve her makeup look by using some of her new Flower Beauty products.

First of all, let’s open an amazing shades with a professional quality eyebrush shadow SHIMMER & SHADE EYESHADOW PALETTE, which you can use from day to night. The colors here are super pigmented and they go on nicely!

After that, we need LASH WARRIOR MASCARA and your lashes will be dramatically long. The NEW Lash Warrior Mascara lengthens, volumizes and thickens your lashes. The stunning black and rose gold Spiked Warrior brush catches each lash and coats them from root to tip, delivering +150% full blown volume while the 360 degree spiked bristles combat clumps on every angle

One more, don’t forget about the main secret of the perfect makeup- VINYL-EYES GLOSSY GEL EYELINER, wich gives you the high shine effect.

Get a near perfect makeup look with Flower Beauty Makeup!

Completed Makeup Look

Flower beauty makeup look

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