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Four Ways To Style Leggings for Any Body Type

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Four Ways To Style Leggings for Any Body Type

Leggings are extremely comfortable and becoming increasingly stylish. You can wear them when lounging around the house or when going out, as long as you know how to style them for your body type. Keep reading to learn four ways to style leggings for any body type.

Tall Women: High-Waisted Leggings With T-shirts, Tunics, and Leather

High-waisted leggings are a great way to show off your legs if you’re tall! You can do this in several ways. For an extremely casual look, tuck a T-shirt into a pair of high-waisted solid-colored leggings, and pair the look with neutral sneakers. If you want to look a little less casual but still be comfortable, opt for a solid-colored tunic with patterned leggings that will draw the eye to your legs. Choose flat shoes in a complementary color. Get fancy in your leggings by trying new materials, such as leather, that will attract the eye but won’t make your outfit look garish. Pair leather leggings with a long blouse, blazer, and low heels for a sophisticated look.

Short Women: Low-Waisted Leggings With Sports Bras, Crop Tops, and Jackets

Low-waisted leggings with a monochromatic look can help short women look taller and will look good for any occasion. For a casual look, pair any color low-waisted leggings with a matching sports bra or cropped hoodie and neutral sneakers. The combination of low-waisted leggings with a cropped top will also help you appear taller. To be casual and comfortable, try a cropped blouse in the same color family as your leggings and pair them with flats. Short women who want to wear leggings for fancier occasions should continue to be monochrome, but opt for a blouse that can be tucked into the top of your leggings and a fancy jacket in the same color with low heels.

Curvy Women: High-Waisted Leggings With Crop Tops, Tunics, and Jackets

If your body curves like an hourglass, you’re the perfect shape to wear high-waisted leggings, since they can make your midsection look even thinner. For a casual look, try high-waisted leggings with side-paneling, since that side-paneling can help your legs look longer. Pair them with a cropped T-shirt or sports bra and neutral sneakers. You can dress the look up a bit with a jean or leather jacket and flats. For a fancier look, belt a longer tunic or dress on top of your leggings so you can continue to show off your waist and pair with low heels or boots.

Apple and Pear Women: Mid or High-Rise Leggings With Crops or Tunics

If you’re heavier either up top or down below, you may think leggings aren’t the way to go, but they can look great on any body type including yours. Apple shapes should opt for mid-rise leggings and can rock either cropped or longer monochrome looks. Jackets are okay, but make sure they match the look, pairing a cropped jacket with cropped tops, and vice versa. Choose appropriate flat shoes, since they look better with leggings regardless of body type.

Pear shapes should choose high-waisted leggings with sweatshirts for casual wear and tunics or dresses for casual-comfy wear. Layer a long, ankle-length jacket or cardigan for your fancy wear and pair with ankle boots or low heels.

These are just four ways to style leggings for any body type, but they are great suggestions that you can rock regardless of outing or situation. You can be casual, comfortable, or fancy in your leggings, as long as you style them properly and accessorize accordingly.

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