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Close-up photo of make-up brushes in beauty salon.

Do you love makeup hacks that make your life easier? Who doesn’t! Helpful makeup hacks help us properly store our makeup products so they last longer and remain in better condition. That is why, we are excited to present the 5 makeup storage hacks you didn’t know you needed! From lipsticks to single eyeshadow pans, join us as we explore these professional MUA hacks. 

Glass storage if makeup and perfumes with copy space
Glass storage if makeup and perfumes with copy space

Keep Your Cream Shadow Upside Down

Cream shadows are highly pigmented products that create gorgeous eyeshadow looks.

  • Keeping cream shadows stored upside down will help the pigment reach the surface for easier access. 
  • This hack also prevents the unused product from drying. 
  • Simply dip your brush into the cream shadow and see the incredible difference!

Keep Your Brushes Upward In Open Jars

Up next, let’s talk about our brushes.

  • Makeup brushes are soft and delicate beauty tools that can be easily mishandled. 
  • The best way to keep the original shape of the delicate bristles is to keep your brushes upward in open jars. 
  • Thanks to this hack, our expensive makeup brushes will not settle bacteria and will remain in mint condition!

Magnetize Loose Eyeshadow Pans

If you love to collect single eyeshadow pans – then this hack was made for you!

  • Magnetizing your loose eyeshadow pans to keep them all in one place and to declutter your collection! 
  • With affordable magnetic stickers available online, this hack can be done in a few minutes. 
  • Simply put magnetic backings on your loose shadows and arrange them in a magnetic palette. 

Don’t Store Bullet Lipsticks Upside Down

Reading lipstick shades may be easier, but here is why you shouldn’t store your bullet lipsticks upside down. 

  • Storing lipsticks upside down makes the product more vulnerable to breakage. 
  • The oily liquid of the lipstick may pool and drip down to the wand and cause a mess. 
  • Place your lipsticks ride side up to make the pigments last longer and to avoid having rich pigment on your fingers!

Store Wipes Upside Down

And last but not least, here’s a great hack for our makeup wipes. 

  • Storing beauty wipes upside down can actually help individual tissues stay damper!
  • The liquid solution will drain to the opening of the wipes and will prevent the tissues from drying. 
  • Thanks to this hack, we will have an easier time removing our makeup at the end of a busy day!

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