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How To Build Your Children’s Self-Esteem

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Mom And Kid Starting Pumpkin Carving

Raising children is no easy task, mainly because there is no parenting manual. As a parent, you strive to raise your kids the best way you know, hoping they turn out to be decent members of society. However, how you interact with your child at an early age will determine if they grow up confident or timid. Here are some tips on how to raise confident children.

child preparing for school

Be a good role model.

Do not think that your kids are too little to notice things. Kids tend to mirror what people around them do. Seeing you as a parent unafraid to face anything makes them want to do the same. They will regard you as their superhero, and they will walk in your footsteps. 

For example, suppose your kids see you hire a personal injury attorney to defend you when another party has wronged you. In that case, they will also be confident enough to stand up for themselves in similar situations.

Teach them how to do stuff

At that tender age, your kids want to learn to do everything they possibly can. So you will probably find them trying to button their shirt, tie their shoelaces or help with the dishes. Showing them how to do the challenging tasks will make them feel confident about themselves, thus boosting their self-esteem.

Young happy confident florist is working with her female kid

Assist them in discovering their passion

Your children may feel lost if they cannot find what they are good at or talented in. Being there to support your kid in the journey of self-discovery is very instrumental in shaping how they view themselves. 

Being patient with your kid as they try out different things to find the one that clicks with them will make your kid feel loved and appreciated, thus building their confidence. Also, nurturing their talents will grow your kid’s self-esteem because they will be good at something they love.

Speak words of affirmation.

Words are so powerful. They can make or break your child’s self-esteem. Telling your kids every chance you get that they are beautiful, intelligent, funny, strong, talented helps shape what they think about themselves. These affirmations remind them of their self worth thus boosting their confidence levels.

 If your kid believes that they are beautiful, they will be confident enough to join a beauty contest. Similarly, if they think they are intelligent, they will be confident enough to push their limits to achieve their full potential.

Celebrate effort

Learning a new skill takes effort and perseverance. Your kids need to know that their effort is seen and appreciated regardless of the outcome. This will help them feel valued and motivated to keep trying. Whether it is learning the letters of the alphabet or learning how to ride a bicycle, your children need to know that you appreciate any little progress. This upbringing will give them the confidence to face difficult situations in the future.


A parent’s role in raising their child carries the heaviest weight regarding how children turn out in the future. Following the above tips will help bring up a confident child who is self-aware and able to handle whatever comes their way as they grow up.

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