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How to do easy and fast hairstyles in 2020

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Sometimes we don’t have time for complicated hairdos, so that’s when quick and easy hairstyles come in so handy. From ponytail hacks and simple braids to messy hair buns, fast pigtails, and half-up styles, check out five of our favorite easy, fast hairstyles for 2020.

  1. Messy hair buns

Messy buns are a great choice when you want a casual style that takes minimal effort but delivers maximum impact. You’ll find dry shampoo can be helpful to give some texture to your hair if it’s too silky to stay put in this style.

easy hairstyle messy bun

You can wear your bun high or low. Simply pull your hair into a loose ponytail, and then either slip the end of your strands back through the band, or twist your hair round and round, securing with bobby pins. You can tame flyaways with a spritz of hairspray.

  1. Simple braids

Braids are a really useful style when you want to disguise hair that needs a wash, or when you need to keep your hair out of your face during a workout. Forget complicated, time-consuming French braids, and go for the simplest version – which is also called a plait in some places.

fast and easy hairstyle braiding

All you need to do is divide your hair into three parts, and then bring the left side over the middle section, to become the new middle strand. Bring the right side section over that middle section, and then keep working it from side to side, securing at the bottom.

  1. Ponytail hacks

A ponytail is such a classic hairstyle, and it’s so easy to create. All you need to do is pull all your hair into a band, positioning at the back (or side) of your head, down low or up high. However, you can elevate this simple look to next-level greatness with a clever hack. 

To get more volume into your ponytail, push some bobby pins into the band, to help it stand up higher. You can also stack two or three ponytails from the top to the bottom of your head.

Fast and easy hairstyle ponytail
  1. Perfect pigtails

Pigtails aren’t just for elementary school days – you can wear your hair in this style at any age! Also known as bunches, or even dog ears, this hairstyle is when you wear your hair tied in a band on either side of your head. 

Fast and easy hairstyle perfect pig tails

When you make the part down the back of your head, it’s useful to sit in front of a mirror while holding a handheld mirror, so you can be sure you’re dividing straight down the middle. You can wear them low and loose for a casual vibe, or up high for a fun look.

  1. Half-up, half-down

If you can’t decide whether to wear your hair down or up, you can plump for this in-between style. The half-up, half-down ‘do has the top half smoothly held back, with the bottom section flowing. It can look really smart, so it’s great for a day at work.

fast and easy half up and half down hairstyle

You can keep it casual by just using your fingers to pull the top half of your hair back into a band, or you can be more precise by using the pointed end of a comb to divide your stands and get an exact line.

Now you have five easy and fast hairstyles you can try in 2020, the only question is, which one will you wear first?

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