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How To Help Your Daughter Build Her Confidence

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If you have a daughter, particularly one going through her teenage years, you might find she is not as confident as she once was. She might be quiet and withdrawn or just seem a little bit lost. This is perfectly normal and something that happens to most of us. Going through adolescence can be a scary and confusing time in her life when she doesn’t quite fit in. It’s a time when you feel like not a young girl anymore, but not an adult, and as such can leave you feeling lost. When this happens you will want to do what you can in order to help her build her confidence back up and feel back to her happy and bubbly self. Here are some top tips you can do this.

Build Confidence by Spend Quality Time

Spending quality time is a very important thing to do with your daughter and is something she will really appreciate. You could do something as simple as heading to the shops together after school or college, where you can have a wander and stop for a drink and a chat or perhaps an afternoon tea as a treat. You could take a walk or do something like baking or cooking. Think about what she enjoys and find a way you can do this together. While life is busy, always try and take some time out to spend together.

Confidence building by spending quality time together

Encourage her to talk

When you are a teenager it can be hard to speak about how you are feeling and many have the tendency to keep it all bottled up. When this happens it can soon mean they get more stressed and anxious. To avoid this, encourage them to speak about what is bothering them. If they don’t want to talk to you, they could look into therapy for teenagers which has specialist support should there be something they want to get off their chest.

Help her to develop her hobbies

Having a hobby or something they are good at is a fantastic thing to focus on. Find out what hobbies she is interested in, whether this is a certain musical instrument, painting, writing, or a sport. Encourage her to do this when she can and be there to support her for things such as an art gallery show or a swimming competition. Hobbies are great for getting away from a computer screen and just immersing in something they love.

These are just a few things you can do with your daughter to help her build her confidence. It is not a slow game and you can find you make progress and then have a few steps back. Persevere and keep offering her support and you will get there in the end. Remember what it felt like to be a teen and how challenging it can be. Supporting her with plenty of female empowerment and just showing her you are there can make a real difference for her. What are some things you do to help your daughter build confidence? Let us know in the comments below.

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