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How to Make Your Home Even More Eco-Friendly

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If your home isn’t yet all that eco-friendly, then the time has come to make the changes. There are a whole host of benefits to transforming your property to become more environmentally friendly, including making your home better for your health, wallet, and, of course, the planet. But how do you make your house better for the earth, beyond switching off lights and appliances when not in use? Below, we take a look at some actions that have the most significant impact.

Second-Hand Goods

Above all else, we want our homes to look good. And to make that happen, we usually have to head down to a large furniture store, and pick out what we want for our home. But here’s the thing: while those items might look pretty, they’re not very good for the planet. They’ll have used up resources, and may have been produced thousands of miles away (and thus have create a large carbon footprint to reach your house). Instead, why not look at used items? You can find beautiful pieces, especially ones that have been upcycled, and they’re usually cheaper. Plus, it’ll be less likely that anyone else you know has the same piece in their home.

Plants, Plants, Plants

Your home shouldn’t exist in direct opposition to the natural world. It should be as if it’s an extension of the natural world! There’ll be clear lines dividing the two, of course, but it should be more subtle than simply “here is my house, beyond these walls is nature.” You can incorporate the outdoor world into your home by adding indoor plants. They’ll bring with them a host of benefits, including improving your air-quality and boosting your mood.

What’s in the Cupboards?

We might not give all that much thought to the products we’re using to keep our homes clean, but we should, because it turns out that many cleaning supplies are bad for the environment (and also our health, too). If you use products that have toxic chemicals in them, then eventually they’ll find their way to rivers and lakes if you use them in the toilet or sink. As such, it’s worthwhile taking a look at switching out your toxic cleaning supplies for ones that are earth-friendly. You can do this by visiting, a website that sells, among others, all-purpose cleaners, dishwasher gels, and laundry detergents made from natural ingredients. They work just as well as “normal” cleaners, yet are good for the earth and your health.


It’s easy to forget our environmental responsibilities, especially when we have so much going on in our lives. That’s why it’s a good idea to build our eco-friendly practices right into our home. If you have recycling bins and plastic bags for use when you go shopping, you’ll be more likely to be earth-friendly. If you want to go even further, set up a compost container in your yard, and use your food waste to fertilize your lawn – it works extremely well, and is satisfying, too.

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