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How To Take Care Of Your Teeth & Gums

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Although we have it drummed into us as children from our parents, schools, the dentist, and even TV, the importance of brushing our teeth and looking after our oral health, we still seem to underestimate just how big a role it plays in our overall health, and what we need to be doing daily to keep our teeth and gums healthy.

Below are a few simple things you can start implementing daily to get into a good practice of caring for your dental health and keep your teeth and gums in a good healthy shape.


  • Floss, Wash & Brush Daily: part of your daily oral care routine should also involve using a high quality mouthwash to rid the mouth of any leftover bacteria and help break down food residue that may still be in your mouth and could cause bacterial build-up or plaque. You should also use a good dental floss to make sure you get everything out from between your teeth to avoid things like gum disease. If you prefer an alternative to traditional flossing, which has also been shown to be far more effective in reducing bleeding gums and gingivitis, then it may be a good idea to consider a water flosser. There are many of these available on the market, so you can have a look for the best water flosser reviews to find the right one for your needs;


  • Oil Pulling: this is a technique that’s been gaining a lot of press and popularity over the past few years, and many people now swear by it as part of their daily dental health routine, so if it’s something you want to try, then there are many resources available to get you started. Most commonly used for oil pulling is coconut oil, which you take around a teaspoon of into your mouth and allow to melt, then you swish it around in your mouth for up to 20 minutes and pull it between your teeth. People who practice oil pulling daily say they notice less bleeding and inflammation of the gums, less bad breath, and whiter teeth. It’s also said that one of the main benefits of oil pulling is that it helps remove toxins and dangerous bacteria from the mouth;


  • Cut back on sugar: we all know that too much sugar is bad, not just for our general health, but for our teeth, so it makes sense that to protect our teeth we should consume less of it. The problem with sugar is, it’s everywhere, and many times, very well disguised and hidden in things that we wouldn’t expect. If you want to cut back on your sugar intake, then it may be time to do some research into healthier alternatives, and on just how much sugar you’re actually consuming on a daily basis – this will be pretty shocking on its own;


  • Quit smoking: obviously this only applies if you are a smoker, but if you are partial to the odd puff, then you may want to consider trying to quit. Smoking is just bad for you all round, but it can also have a very negative effect on your dental health and teeth. Not only is it horrible to kiss someone who tastes like an ashtray, but it can weaken your teeth, give them a stained yellow appearance, and even cause more serious dental problems that may result in lost teeth and very expensive dental work needing carried out. If you’re struggling to quit smoking, then patches or even vaping can be a good way to help you stop. You can find more info on suitable products at places like or ask your doctor for tips on how to quit.


Taking care of your teeth and gums really isn’t complicated, and it’s also not expensive, but the cost of dental work to fix damage can be expensive, especially if you don’t have dental insurance so you really would be best trying to get into the daily habit of looking after your teeth so you can feel confident when you smile and not have to worry about ongoing painful problems.

Being prepared and having your stuff left out in the same place for each time you need to brush will also help you get into a good habit that you can keep up with.

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