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The Zodiac Signs As Things To Do In The Spring

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in this article, I’m going to assign a fun spring activity to every zodiac sign and hopefully you guys will try some of them this season! ♡♡

aries  have a picnic in the park

aesthetic and picnic imageyellow, picnic, and aesthetic image

(Aries traits: bold, courageous & determined) whenever the sun is shining, instead of snacking on your couch, grab a picnic basket and a towel or blanket, call a friend and have a picnic outside to breathe some fresh air! sometimes taking some sun and spending some time outside can completely change your mood!

taurus  bake some cute treats

dessert and pink imagefood, aesthetic, and Cookies imagecake, sweet, and blueberry imagefood, cake, and aesthetic image

(Taurus traits: reliable, patient & practical) shuffle a killer spring playlist and get to baking! alone or with a group of friends, baking is a super fun activity and if done well, you’ll end of with a tasty treat to enjoy

gemini  gardening

aesthetic, flowers, and girl image(Gemini traits: gentle, affectionate & curious) gemini, you are a gentle and affectionate zodiac sign. gardening is a very calming and relaxing activity that screams spring. if ever you don’t have room for a garden, there are always community garden or simply procure yourself some houseplants!

cancer  spring cleaning

Image by Manuelabags, closet, and clothes image(cancer traits: loyal & highly imaginative) now that spring has arrived, a change of wardrobe is required. it’s time to put away your winter coats and winter boots, so a spring cleaning can be very useful! and if you hate cleaning as much as I do, call over a few friends!

leo  go shopping for in-season fruits&veggies

girl, fruit, and street image

(Leo traits: creative & passionate) trust me there’s nothing better than filling your fridge with fresh healthy fruits and veggies! visit your local fruit market or do some research online before hitting your favorite supermarket!

virgo  create a groovy spring playlist

fashion, girl, and outfit imageblue, headphones, and aesthetic image

(Virgo traits: analytical & kind) new season calls for a new playlist. I’m sure we all have very different tastes in music but if you’re looking for new artists to listen to, I definitely recommend trying tame impala or frank ocean, they’re some of my personal favorites!

libra  going for a stroll

aesthetic, fresh, and glow image

(libra traits: gracious, fair-minded, social) put on your favorite trendy spring outfit and go for a nice morning or afternoon stroll. breathe in the fresh spring air and take a look around and admire nature’s blooming.

scorpio  go shopping for spring clothing

aesthetic, alternative, and art imagearticle, astrology, and outfits imageThe Zodiac Signs as Spring Looks
(scorpio traits: resourceful, stubborn & true friend) i made a whole other article on spring looks to try out this season so if you guys would like some inspiration to create some trendy outfits, I recommend checking it out!.

Sagittarius  hang out with your friends

the virgin suicides imagelove, couple, and football imagegirl, bike, and friends imageImage by opsmari.(sagittarius traits: generous, idealistic, great sense of humor)while this is something you can do during any season, there are so many more fun activities you can do in the spring so call your friends and make some plans guys!

capricorn  take some cute spring pics

girl, art, and aesthetic imagegirl and flowers image(Capricorn traits: disciplined & ambitious) spring brings along many beautiful blooming colors! doing a fun little photo shoot can really help you be creative and to feel confident!

aquarius  sit outside and eat at a cute café

food, drink, and coffee imagecoffee, favourite, and france imagefood, coffee, and breakfast imageparis, travel, and france image(aquarius traits: progressive, original & independent) this one is also something you can do during pretty much any season but sitting outside and feeling the fresh spring breeze while having a delicious little meal is an activity that never goes out of style and is definitely something you Aquariuses should do this spring.

pisces  redecorate your room

cat, aesthetic, and home imageatmosphere house image(Pisces traits: compassionate, artistic, intuitive) new season, new room! add some spring decor to your room to get into the spring spirit! some house plants here and some decorative pillows there, your room could use a little change!

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