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Back to life, goal list concept.

If you want to get anywhere in this life, you need to have the drive, focus, and goal you are driving towards. Without goals, it is difficult to succeed in anything. Goals are the things that give you that direction in life. If you want to achieve something, you have to know what it is you want to achieve. Very few people just stumble on achievements. Most people have to work at it and remain motivated. Goals can create a benchmark of success, and they can be used as stepping stones to get further. Together goals can act like a life path, designed to help you get through and actually do something you want to do. 

Write Down Your Goal 

What exactly is it that you want to achieve? When you know, write it down, and then it becomes a real thing in the world, in fact, it becomes a statement of intent. The act of creating something in the real world alters your subconscious that there is something that you want to do. Place your goal somewhere you will see it every day, like on the fridge, so it stays in the mind. Perhaps your goal is to join the Navy like Samantha Ramer, or maybe it is to become a Doctor. Keeping your goal constantly in your mind will force you to take action.

Break the Goal Down

Having a huge goal may give you something to work toward, but it may be easy to become disillusioned if the goal seems so far away. So, break the goal down into parts. If the goal is to join the Navy but you have no idea how to go about it, then create many smaller goals. Like research how to join the Navy, start an exercise regime, monitor progress, and swim x amount of distance in this time, etc. If you can create lots of incremental goals that you can tick off, this will help keep you motivated. 

Begin the Process

Writing goals down and knowing how to get where you want to go is one thing, actually doing it is another thing entirely. You have to step beyond the thought process and start taking action. Perhaps reading and researching is the first step, and creating a folder of relevant notes and contacts. Perhaps you need to speak to people in the know, so set up a meeting and call people. If joining the Navy is for you, get out and start exercising. Download apps so you can monitor your progress. As soon as you start taking action, the goal will seem easier to achieve. 

Reward Your Achievements 

As you start ticking your items off your goals list, you need to give yourself a little reward. If you do not do this, again, you may find the whole process too difficult and without reward. Perhaps there is a beautiful handbag that you like, or maybe you can indulge by having that cake you’ve been resisting. Every now and again, you need a little treat to show yourself that it is all worth it.

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