How Your Lifestyle Could Be Affecting Your Financial Situation

How Your Lifestyle Could Be Affecting Your Financial Situation

When you think of money management, or even how much you bring in at the end of each month, your mind generally sways towards how many hours you’ve worked, or whether you landed a well paying client or not. However, did you know that your lifestyle can have a massive effect on how much you’re earning each month? It’s not something that people generally think about because money is money, and health and lifestyle is just that. Take a look at how your lifestyle could be affecting your financial situation, and how you can change things for the better.

Smoking and Alcohol

We don’t need to lecture you on why smoking is bad for your body, because everyone knows these days since they’ve changed the packets to have huge warnings on them. However, a large percentage of the world’s population still smokes, and an even bigger percentage enjoys alcohol every now and then too. While there’s no problem with enjoying a drink occasionally, it’s quite common to find people who are binge drinking too and of course, this can mount up. If you’re a smoker or a drinker, or even both, consider cutting down on them because the cost of feeding these addictions could get you into financial difficulty.

Lack of sleep

We all lead hectic lives, and it’s all too easy to stay up a little too late catching up on work, or even relaxing in front of the TV. However, a lack of sleep can have serious effects on your brain, and can hinder the way you perform at work. So, if your pay is based on clientele or even commission, you not having enough sleep could be moulding how much you’re earning. So what is the right amount of sleep? Is 6 hours of sleep enough? Unlikely, check out how much sleep you should be getting to function properly!

What you’re eating

Did you know that the food you’re putting into your body can also affect the way your brain is working? Junk food upsets the chemical balance in your brain, causing you to feel down and sluggish. If you’re feeling like you’re falling behind at work, or that you’re just not in tip top condition, take a look at what you’re eating and make any necessary changes so that you can be on top form as often as possible. Also, not eating the right things lowers your immune system, which means you might fall ill more often & need time off work.


Finally, much alike what you’re eating, if you’re not active enough your body could begin to slow and not fight off infections as easily as when you were fitter. Time off work generally means no pay (unless your boss is super cool) so make sure that you’re getting some exercise in each week, and generally look after your body a bit better so that you’re not losing out on money (aside from the health benefits too, of course!).

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