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Indoor Patio? 3 Features Of The Outside Brought Inside

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The sun is shining and wouldn’t you know, the lockdown is being lifted earlier than expected! This means that we can now go outside and enjoy our homes much more than we could for the past 3 months. Many of us have chosen to appreciate our gardens a lot more and that includes our patio. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to style our patios as we would like because many businesses have been closed. Now that we do have the chance to choose our decor for the next 4-5 months of spring and summer, what should be the direction of style travel? Bringing the patio indoors of course! 

The lightest seating

Wicker seating isn’t just for the patio or the conservatory, you can bring it into your home. A living room with wicker seating is perfect for the springtime heat. It’s also very adaptable because you can change the cushioning for synthetic or natural fillers. What’s more, is, you can put a throw over the seating to give you more comfort and warmth as and when you need to. Let’s talk in style!

  • The peacock wicker seat is fabulous. Born in the 20th century, it was highly popular during the Victorian Era. Brash, boastful, and bold, it’s lightweight and airy for maximum temperature control.
  • The classic basket seat is excellent for children. Anyone can sit in a wicker basket and lie back to feel ‘scooped’ into the design of the chair. It gives you a great space to lounge around with a pet too.
  • Wicker lounger chairs are great for patios but they would fit right in with your bedroom or reading room. They are lower to the ground so they might not be good for the living room but for any other private space, they’re awesome.

Pristine style flooring

What makes a patio so alluring is the sheer quality of the flooring. Most companies that make flooring for patios, use exquisite materials because it’s all about the contrast between the grass and the manmade structure. For your indoor kitchen floor, you should have tiled flooring. The type that a company like carpet to go makes is very popular because essentially, it’s both scratch-resistant and easy to wipe clean. Since it’s going in the kitchen where a lot of food stains exist, this is brilliant for your springtime home where you’ll be making many snacks. The materials they offer range from glazed, unglazed, ceramic, porcelain, etc. it’s a totally custom service too, so if you have an idea in mind, give them a shout.

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A ripple in the home

Glass dining tables are going to be shooting up in sales because springtime allows for more sunlight to be displaced across the home. However, the patio is already bright and thus, rippled glass is the better option. A little bit more opaque and not so weak in the passing through of sunlight, this would be a great table for your home. 

Bringing the patio indoors is a fun continuity project but also, correctly changes the interior design style of your home, to fit the season. 

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