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Instant Eye-Lift With White Eyeliner

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Portrait of woman with light eyeliner

If you love the trendy lifted-eye look but don’t want to spend thousands on cosmetic procedures – we hear you! Whether it’s for the runway or a bridal client, anyone can rock the lifted-eye look. The lifted-eye makeup look is a great way to make the eyes appear brighter and more radiant – and here’s how! Follow along as break down the 3 simple steps it takes to create the instant eye-lift using white eyeliner, and how you can master this look in no time!

Bright Eyelid

Let’s begin by focusing on the eyelids.

  • For the instant eye-lift look we will need a pigmented white eyeliner pencil.
  • Begin by applying the eyeliner on the top lash line.
  • Next, smudge out the eyeliner on the center lid to make the eyes appear bigger.
  • Finally, pat and set the pigment with your fingertips.

Brow Lift

Next, let’s light up the brow and sculpt that lifted look.

  • With the same white eyeliner, outline the lower edge of the brows.
  • Focus the pigment on the outer wing of the brows.
  • This eyebrow definition will naturally catch the light and create a lifted illusion.
  • Complete this step by blending out the rough edges with your fingers or a flat eyeshadow brush.


And last but not least, it’s time to make the eyes pop.

  • Start by outlining the entire lower waterline with the white eyeliner.
  • Keep most of the pigment on the inner corners of the eyes to design the radiant effect.
  • A white waterline will reflect the whites of the eye and cancel out any redness.
  • This makeup tip is also great for brightening the under-eye circles and creating an overall energized appearance.

Pro Tip: Smudge a small amount of white eyeliner on the cheekbones to take your lifted-eye look to the next level! You might also be interested in our blog post about

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