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mom and kid in the pool

Ready for some Quarantine Healthy Water Fun?

Face it we are all stuck at home to stay safe, healthy and help flatten the curve to stop the spread of Covid19, but you are running out of things to do and your kiddos are driving you crazy. Well, one of the things my husband and I came up with considering we have really warm weather in Miami and we don’t have a pool is an inflatable pool we got on AMAZON for some quarantine healthy water fun!

What just needs to spend little more money (at the Dollar Tree) to buy some of toys and accessories for a little extra pool fun, and you’ll see your small investment virtually offering wonderful feasts of fun during this whole ordeal.

Often you want your pool to be your “cool” placid places for relaxing. Certainly, your pools are perfect places for chilling, but with kids it’s essential having some kiddy stuff in your pools. It’s really wonderful having some lively “kiddish fun” with your kids, in your pools too.

Your swimming pool toys and slides are really instrumental in offering your some really lively fun in your pools. Pool toys are wonderful pool accessories that really help making you pools made more pleasurable. These are wonderful water fun tools for specifically those of you, who don’t see your swimming pools the places mere for lazing and relaxing. There are plenty of fun activities that can really keep you busy in pools. The pool toys, such as inflatable floats, loungers, rings, balls, etc. can really amplify the range of your pool fun. Some of the popular your pool games include water dodgeball, volleyball, table tennis, water polo, etc.

Your inflatable swimming pool can help you have some really nice bonding time with your kids. Once you get into the fun, you don’t feel like stopping it. Your pool sides open the gates of thrilling fun and sheer excitement for you.

One of our near-future investments will be a swimming pool slide to also add to our quarantine water fun, also known as water slides, which are one of the most popular pool accessories. These are slides or tubes with water flowing down them.

You can buy your pool slides offline as well as online. There are a number of online stores selling a wide range of pool accessories. However, you should stay home and stay safe shopping online like on Amazon which offers reliable pool accessories with guarantee/warranty offers at affordable rates. You can do a little research online to find the right pool and accessories for you.

AND… Don’t forget the sunscreen! 😉

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