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Hi again guys! It’s  Just came back from a vacation and am glad to be back home! Today I wanted to share some beauty ‘myths’ that I have seen a lot of women think are actually true! Even I learned some things along the way so I hope that you guys pick up some new things from reading this!

MYTH #1:Wearing makeup often causes acne, blackheads, and early wrinkles!

Truth: This myth is not technically true. While some studies do report that makeup-users are more likely to get acne than those who go au naturale, this actually not because they wear makeup. This actually something that occurs when people don’t wash their makeup off consistently, such as when you go to bed and leave your makeup on overnight. It’s recommended you at the very least use a non-irritating makeup wipe to take off your makeup before going to bed, however the best way is to actually wash your face to completely take any dirt or makeup residue left on your face.

When it comes to wrinkles, one of the biggest reasons is that makeup can accentuate existing creases and wrinkles in your skin, making them way more obvious and apparent when makeup is caked on. Another reason, and a more exact one, for why makeup users seem to have wrinkles specifically in the eye area is from once again, not washing one’s face properly. This actually CAN cause real wrinkles to form because leaving the makeup on the skin can break down the elastin and collagen in your skin.

MYTH #2: Your skin becomes used to your skincare/makeup products over time so they stop working!

Truth: While it is true that your skin ‘changes’ over time, that doesn’t mean your products don’t work, your skin just has developed different needs. It took me a while to realize this was what had happened to me back when I first started college and my skin no longer seemed to be as glowing after my standard routine I had been using for years! Your skin is very much like a person, it goes through phases, aging, and ups as well as downs, and your skincare and beauty product options may very well simply need to be adjusted to account for it. Now this isn’t to say your skin will be changing 24/7, but next time your holy grail product stops working, keep in mind your skin may just be having an odd time and also keep an eye on what your body is possibly intaking as well.

MYTH #3: Drinking lots of water cures dry skin!

Truth: While being hydrated is great for your body overall, if you have dry facial skin, drinking more water is most likely going to help. Your face nearly always feels dry not because your body itself is thirsty, but the surface of your skin is. To cure your dry skin, I would recommend a non-greasy, lightweight moisturizer or hydrating face mask. Our face requires more topical TLC than any other part of our body and if just drinking water cured all it’s dry problems, most businesses would have a hard time selling moisturizers!

On a related note, while doing my nutrition classes, I learned a tidbit about water that I thought you guys might want to know! You do not actually need to drink eight glasses of water a day, contrary to what many people will tell you. Your body’s natural ability to make you feel thirsty will tell you when you need to intake more liquids and forcing yourself to drink is not necessary. Do make sure to drink every time you do feel thirsty, though, and try to choose water as your beverage of choice when possible!

MYTH #4: Wearing nail polish often will make my nails unhealthy and yellow!

Truth: This a very big misconception that I hear a lot about nails, and I get it, yellow nails do seem like they would be a sign someone’s nails are unhealthy. However, the reason our nails actually turn yellow, especially for those of us who love dark colors, is that the pigmentation in the polish stains our nails for a time. You may notice though that many nail professionals do not always have these yellow nails, this is because they apply a strong, clear base coat to their nails to keep them from absorbing pigment.  It is very difficult to get the yellow stain out of your nails once they are there and I highly recommend against buffing your nails or soaking your hands in peroxide!

MYTH #5: You don’t need to clean your makeup brushes/sponge often if you only use them on yourself!

TruthWhile this may seem super obvious to some, I have met tons of women who think that because they only use their brushes and BB on themselves, they really don’t need to wash it that often. This is by far NOT true! Your brushes harbor bacteria and other nasties over time when not sanitized and this is the a near surefire way of getting acne or even worse, an eye infection. It is recommended by beauty experts that you wash your brushes at the very least once a week. Personally, I am very conscious of my skin and fear breakouts as if they are the end of times, so I like to wash my brushes every three days, and I like to wash my beauty blender every two days, making sure to completely dry both before storing them away.

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