Makeup Removal Do’s And Don’ts

Makeup Removal Do’s And Don’ts

After a long day at work, all we want is to jump into bed and get a few hours of sleep. But first, let’s not forget to remove our makeup! Sleeping with our makeup can irritate our skin and cause breakouts. If you want to learn how to properly remove your makeup, then follow along with our makeup removal Do’s and Don’ts!


Let’s start with the makeup removal Do’s we should all be practicing.

  • Use makeup remover cleansers, creams, or wipes to take off makeup residue.
  • Remember to be gentle when removing your makeup.
  • Tugging or rubbing at the skin can cause premature wrinkling!
  • It’s better to start with the lips, to first remove any bold pigment.
  • Finally, let’s use face wash or a non-irritating cleanser to complete our routine.
  • Performing double-cleansing routines can also help remove any excess build-up!


Now, let’s see what we should not do when doing our makeup Removal.

  • Don’t forget to cleanse the edges of the eyelids and to fully remove eye makeup.
  • Leaving makeup around the eyelids can cause eye dryness and irritation.
  • Avoid removing the eye makeup first, as the pigment can spread to the cheeks and forehead.
  • Also, remember not to scrub too hard when removing face makeup.
  • Harsh scrubbing can scrape the skin epidermis and cause dryness.
  • Finally, avoid rubbing makeup wipes on the face.
  • Again, excess rubbing motions can create fine lines and wrinkles!

For a fresh face, use our helpful makeup removal tips and tricks!

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