Moisturizing & Baby Oil?

Moisturizing & Baby Oil?

Miry, your moisturizing with baby oil? Yes, Baby oil is commonly known for its benefits on baby skin, but did you know its also for adult’s skin as well. If you love to keep your skin always moisturized especially during those harsh winters, which we don’t really have where I am from in Miami, but hey cold is cold and to us Miamians when its 50 degrees outside trust me its freezing which we don’t have to worry about for a while since its spring Baby! 

A good practice is to keep your skin hydrated and silky soft all day long.  First of all you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive moisturizers or lotions, yes you heard me right. A simple inexpensive bottle of baby oil will moisturize your skin just the same and give you the benefit of soft and healthy skin. 

Some tips on baby oil use:
Apply baby oil while your skin is still damp after taking a warm bath or shower. This helps lock in the moisture and keep the oil absorbed into the skin better. 

Use baby oil as an eye makeup remover in place of other commercial ones. It is gentle so it doesn’t burn or irritate your skin.

Remember not to use too much, as oil stains clothing. 

If you have really dry specific areas such as knees, elbows, and heels make sure you get those areas extra well or more times a day.

I always have a bottle of baby oil in my bathroom cabinet I love how soft and moisturized it leaves my skin, not to mention how fast it gets rid of eye makeup. 

There is my beauty tip of the day! Enjoy!

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