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Wearing bright eye makeup and a bold lip is a lot of fun, and if you want to wear it to the supermarket or while you’re just running errands, have at it! However, many people can’t be bothered to spend all that time painting their faces every day, but still, want to look healthy and dewy. For those days when you just want to rock the natural look, you’ll find some natural everyday makeup ideas below!


Select A Sheer Foundation

A natural makeup look calls for a sheer foundation, rather than a medium or full coverage one you’d pick for a night out. It can be scary switching up foundations, but there are some fantastic options out there that will enhance your beautiful skin rather than mask it. Applying with a wet beauty blender can sheer it out further and give a flawless finish.


Use A Brow Gel To Brush Up Your Brows

Eyebrows are somewhat of a craze these days. While the 90s and noughties were all about thin brows that were barely there, now it’s all about embracing your natural brow shape and letting it all grow out!


You might not have much in the way of brows if you have overplucked in the past, but a great brow gel can make it look like you have hair where there isn’t any. Simply choose the right color for your hair and brush upwards to create a fluffy look worthy of the catwalk. You could also lightly use a pencil to outline your shape and add hair to sparser areas if you need to.


Wear a Light Shadow That Compliments Your Eye Color

You don’t have to wear eyeshadow, but sometimes, a neutral shade can complement your eye color. For example, a very light peach shade can make green eyes pop! Cream shadows can give a dewy appearance on your eyelids if that’s the kind of look you like. This should take seconds to apply, unlike carefully thought out bold eyeshadow looks that require lots of different brushes and multiple shades of shadow.


Experiment With A Lip Color Close to Your Own

If you’re going natural, a lip color close to your own will smooth out your lips and enhance them. There are all kinds of lipstick shades available, so make it your mission to experiment with nudes and neutrals and see what suits you best. You can apply a slick of light lipgloss or even balm over the top if you want that dewy look, and this should also help to enhance your lip shape and make them look poutier.


If you can’t be bothered with lipstick, that’s no problem – just apply a tinted balm and away you go. There are even super sheer lip colors that will stain your lips just the right color, and you won’t look like you have anything on at all. Just remember that these kinds of products often have to be reapplied regularly, especially if you’re eating/drinking while wearing them.


Use A Dewy Setting Spray/Primer

A dewy setting spray and primer will give you the perfect base and the perfect finish, and usually, you can find these products in one handy spray. They are also great for freshening up your face part way through the day, and cooling you down if it’s warm out. It’ll stop whatever you have on your face from looking cakey and give you that ‘just applied’ look every time.


Apply A Natural Highlight for A Wet Skin Sheen

Highlighter can be fantastic for all kinds of reasons: making your cheeks pop, making your eyes look bigger, making your lips look more pouty, and more. It all depends on where you apply it! However, for a more natural look, you want to stay away from glittery powder highlighters and instead opt for something creamy that will give a more ‘wet skin’ sheen. You’ll only need a tiny bit, and before you know it you’ll be glowing. Just dab it on the high point of your cheeks and build up as needed.


Try Cream Products Rather Than Powder Products

There are all kinds of other products available depending on how much time you’d like to spend on your makeup: mascara, contour products, bronzer, blush, etc. Whatever you decide you’d like to put on, make sure you go for cream products rather than powder. Powder products can give a great matte look and provide longevity, but they aren’t always the most breathable for a natural everyday makeup look!

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