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Planning And Preparation: Making Sense Of Your Busy Mom Life

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Looking after yourself when you’re a busy mom is is easier said than done. Because there are so many external issues that we need to maintain some control over, like money problems, we can struggle to make sense of it all. Being a parent means that we’re incredibly busy, even when all we need to do is look after the home. And as so many of us need to work as well, we’ve got to figure out some sort of system to keep everything in place. What can you do to ensure that you make sense of your busy mom life?

The Importance Of Scheduling

Scheduling and organizing are two sides to the same coin. If you don’t have a schedule in place, you will never feel organized. And when we start to look at the idea of schedules and plans, this can seem somewhat rigid, but it’s crucial to ensure that we get the most basic of tasks completed. Whether you need to clean the house or organize a closet, having a schedule and a system in place will make everything work so much better. This guide on How to Organize a Messy Walk-in Closet highlights just this. The fact of the matter is that when you break tasks down into little chunks you have a semblance of organization in place, giving you that control over the operation.

Practice Planning

It may not sound like something that you really need to do, but taking twenty minutes to plan the week ahead will help you reap the benefits. They say that for every minute you spend planning, you will save ten! Look at the big tasks ahead of you, break them down, assign them to people where possible, and stick to the schedule. And when you get into the habit of doing this, you will save money, especially when it comes to planning the meals. Instead of buying things you really want off-the-shelf, you will stick to the shopping list rigidly, so you won’t spend above and beyond.

Know Your Limits

Organizing your life is all well and good, but when there’s so much going on in your life that you can feel you’re stretching yourself too thin, you’ve got to set your limits. When you have something in place it makes it easier to say “no” because you have already structured your week. When it comes to external activities, perhaps to do with your children’s’ schools, you know if you are able to commit to certain tasks or not. It’s important to decide what you can commit to before someone asks you out of the blue. Being put on the spot usually means that we answer “yes” more often than not. It’s far better for you to say “give me some time to think about it” and say “no” later.

A busy mother will never feel like they have adequate downtime. When you try to make sense of a busy life, you have to take the opportunity to schedule in downtime. As we find ourselves overwhelmed by numerous tasks, we can easily crumble under the pressure. But this is where planning and understanding our own limits will serve us well.