Projects To Add to Your Crafting Bucket List

Projects To Add to Your Crafting Bucket List

If you’re a lover of crafts, you need to try the projects on this list. We’ve picked four classic crafts that every hobbyist and DIYer needs to try at some point! Here are the best projects to add to your crafting bucket list.


Making a craft that has a purpose is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Mix your favorite scents to create the perfect candle. The best part about making candles is that it isn’t a difficult process! Pick up a double boiler, wax, wicks, fragrance oils, and heat-resistant containers, and you’re all set to develop the ideal scent experience.


Crocheting is another simple yet endlessly entertaining craft. With scissors, a hook, and yarn, you can make hats, scarves, gloves, plushies, and whatever soft things you can think of! Once you get the hang of a few basic loops, there are relatively few patterns that will be off-limits to you.


If you want an option that ranges in difficulty depending on what you want to do, jewelry-making is great. There are simple DIY bracelets you can make with hair ties. Alternatively, you can look into metallurgy if you really want to take this craft by the horns. Jewelry-making is a great side-job, too, with a thriving Etsy marketplace.


Like crocheting, making a quilt is a tremendous opportunity to create something functional and cuddly. The best part about quilting is that you can choose (or make) the quilt’s patches. So, you could make a family quilt, a favorite movie quilt, or even a quilt featuring your favorite colors. With so many different quilting patterns, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for. All you need is a quilting fabric kit to get started.

With all these projects to add to your crafting bucket list, you might not know where to start! Instead of considering the final product, think about which activity appeals to you most. Does melting wax sound more relaxing than pulling yarn through knots? Whatever you decide, good luck and happy crafting!

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