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Putting Yourself First Is Not Selfish. Here’s Why.

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There has always been a bit of a misconception in society about caring and putting yourself first, and that if you prioritize your own needs, you are selfish. 

Think about how you prioritize thinking about the needs, desires, and interests of the people you care about, whether it is a family member, a partner, or a close friend. That this makes sense, most of us would agree, is obvious: after all, we all want to see our loved ones happy, and as these quotes about caring show, cared for, and understood.

Caring for others, on the other hand, does not preclude the ability to care for oneself. To be honest, we should all strive to care more for ourselves than we do for our families and other close friends.

What exactly does this mean? As a result of caring for yourself and prioritizing your own needs at least some of the time, you can ensure that your compassion for others comes from a place of plenty. We have all heard of the saying ‘you can’t pour from an empty jug” well, this is where you need to make sure the jug is well and truly filled. As a result, you will be better able to care for and love others. 

Here are some reasons why putting yourself first is not selfish.

It shows people how to treat you

If you do not put your needs first, you run the risk of allowing others to walk all over you, which is what you teach them how to do. Some people may find themselves on an extremely precarious balancing act. Those around you will pick up on your lack of healthy boundaries and your failure to always put yourself first, and they will take advantage of your situation. It is critical to communicate to others that you value your personal space and that if they enter your personal space and cause a lot of difficulties or aim to drain you, you will be compelled to cut them off immediately. When people establish clear, healthy boundaries, they are less likely to be treated unfairly. 

It is important for your health

Self-care does not only entail paying attention to your physical appearance; it also entails paying attention to your spiritual and emotional well-being. If, for example, you are constantly sad, consider seeking assistance to modify your outlook, whether through counseling, reading motivational books, or simply spending time with more positive people.

Not only that, if you do not prioritize yourself, your body will almost likely force you to do so. Both stress and lack of sleep have the power to damage your body’s immune system, making you more susceptible to a wide range of infections and illnesses.

It will benefit your family and friends

Do you believe that your friends and family are unaware that you are half asleep or mentally fatigued when they are chatting to you?  Remember, these are the folks who are most familiar with you and, maybe, the ones who love you the most. Having said that, they would much like to see you happy and healthy when they spend time with you. 

It has been shown that spending time with positive, loving individuals that you care about can help alleviate the physical symptoms of stress and improve your general well-being. This will ultimately aid your development as a better listener as well as being more pleasant to be around because you will genuinely be able to be present during the moment. 

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