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Having a good ol’ revamp of your surroundings every now and then is a wonderful luxury. You can change anything you’re finding stale, and give yourself an energy and productivity boost whilst you’re at it. But to make sure you’re not pulling your punches when it comes to interior design plans, you’re going to need some real heavy duty moves.


If you’re someone who enjoys a bit of interior design, make sure you’re never cutting your options thin by only focusing on the inside! Now’s your chance to have a real revamp of the four walls that make up your house – here’s a couple of the best tips to put to good use within your household (and your design plans!).


Walls never have to stay this way!


Put a Dark Rug Down


If you’re thinking your home is a bit dark right now, despite the more pebble or sandy color on your walls, be sure to flip the switch in how the light affects your surroundings. And by that, we mean simply make the floors a bit darker to help brighten the walls up a little.


So throwing a dark toned or shady rug down on the floor is a great idea simply because of the extra comfort it brings, but also because it’s an easy move for someone on a strict budget to use. So unless you have the time and money to get your carpet replaced with some nicely toned hardwood flooring, this is the option to start with!


Get Some New Windows


Sometimes the amount of light in your house is simply all that’s to blame, and that means you need to introduce your four walls to more natural light. Sure, you’ve got windows in place already, and it’d be extremely hard to implement any extras, but you can change the kind of window you have.


If it’s a smaller pane, why not resize it to let more light in? With companies such as Replacement Windows, this is easier and cheaper than you think! If it’s a sashed window, take the net curtains down and put a privacy screen up instead. These are usually a lot more sheer, and yet still conceal to your needs, so work with the light already on offer


Why Not Try Wainscoting?


If you’re someone who wouldn’t mind complementary colors battling for a bit of dominance on your wall, why not give wainscoting a go? It’s not as dramatic as it first sounds: white is usually the best color to use here and works with whatever other color you’ve already got decorating your walls.


Ready to Be Brighter?


Having walls that seem a little dull and dreary can feel a bit of a curse, but there’s plenty of light on offer for you to use to make the entire house look like a summer home. Don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of time and opportunity on your hands now that summer is fleeting away. Interior design is much easier this time of year!

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