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Winter can seem like such a barren time of the year, can’t it? You’re cooped up at home, with snow and gales outside, and you’re just dreaming of the day spring comes again. Even when you’re sitting snug indoors, it can feel like a real stretch to move outside of your blanket cocoon, just in case the cold manages to creep up on you. 

And yet, there are plenty of warming winter activities to be getting on with. If you’re a bit of an adventurous spirit, it’s time to drag your loved ones off of the sofa with you! There’s so much winter has to offer, simply because of how different it is to all of the other seasons we experience, and it can be a real exciting time for all involved.

Escape to a Cabin in the Woods

Don’t worry, you’re not going to live out the events of a bad horror movie. Instead, you’re going to trek part of the way through the woods, and use a car for the rest of it, and then be able to snuggle down with a loved one inside one of the most cosiest and romantic settings in the world. 

A winter getaway cabin is something a lot of people search around and budget for, so why not join the people who have a case of the winter wanderlust, and go away for the weekend? They can be found all across the globe, so you’re never going to be in short supply of options, so get onto Google and find one near you! 

Try Your Hand at Planting and Potting

Of course, gardening can be quite hard during the winter season, but it’s an incredibly healthy and warming activity to pick up during this time of year. If you have a window box going spare, or you have an old greenhouse out in the garden, it’s time to spruce them up and plant some seeds in them! 

Don’t worry, you can easily account for the lack of warmth and sunlight by investing in an led grow light bulb, which can be easily affixed to a greenhouse roof or your very own window sill. Water them as when and needed, and watch as the fruits of your labor spring up into view. 

Do a Spot of Christmas Baking

Finally, why not break the oven mitts out and pop some delicious cookie dough in the oven? Christmas cookies are always a treat you know! Or go one better and make your own mince pies – if you like them gluten free, and there’s a lack of gluten free options in the shop, this is one of the heartiest things you could do at this time of year. 

So, you want something new to do during the winter season, when you’re snowed in and it’s getting awfully dark out. Why not try some warming activities like these? They can give back tenfold, and you’ll always enjoy your time when you’re doing them! 

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