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If you love your baths, splashing out on a new tub could be a worthy treat to yourself. There are of course certain challenges to consider when installing a new tub in your home. Here are just a few considerations that could help you to make the right choice.  


Finding the right style


You’ve most likely got a certain style of tub in mind. Most people upgrading their tub want something with a touch of luxury – this could be an old Victorian-style freestanding bath or a modern whirlpool bath. In each case, you need to think about the practicalities of choosing this style. Many bathrooms don’t have the space for a freestanding tub – there’s no point having one up against a wall when the whole point of these tubs is to provide elbow room. Meanwhile, you may want to stick to neutral colour schemes if you ever plan to sell your home in the future – coloured tubs can negatively affect the value of a home as some people may find them too garish. For more information on style of bath tub, check out this guide at The Spruce.


Shopping for deals


Even with luxury tubs, it’s possible to bring down the price and take advantage of discounts. You can find voucher codes for many major bathroom stores. There could also be sales throughout the year that you can take advantage of. It’s even possible to buy a tub second-hand on a site like Gumtree. Of course, the condition of a used tub may not be as good as a new one, however not all used tubs are likely to be badly damaged. Be wary that certain materials and brands are likely to cost more.



Getting the new tub into your home


One of the most difficult and overlooked aspects of buying a new tub is getting it into your bathroom space. Such a heavy item may need to be transported by truck and then carefully manoeuvred into your home. In the case of many upstairs bathrooms and apartments, you may even want to consider hiring a crane from a company such as Altida Lifting Solutions and taking the tub through a window (some people even get windows removed just to have a tub put in). Carrying a bathtub up stairs is generally not recommended, but if a crane is impractical and this is the only way, you’re probably best hiring professional contractors to do this who are less likely to get injured (tubs often require multiple people to carry them, which isn’t easy on a narrow staircase).


Consider plumbing costs


Connecting up your new tub could involve hiring a professional plumbing service such as ABC Home and Commercial Plumbers. The cost of this plumbing will vary depending on the type of bath tub you choose and where you choose to place it. It’s possible to minimise plumbing costs by choosing a tub with the same drainage fitting and placing it in the same place as the last tub. Relocating your tub could require you to also relocate piping, which could get expensive. Even changing the orientation of the taps from the end of the tub to the centre could result in extra plumbing costs.



Deciding what to do with your old tub


It’s important that you also decide what to do with your old tub. Many people choose to simply chuck it in a skip, but there could be many other options. You may be able to recycle your tub for instance, or you could even sell it to another owner if it’s still in good condition. You could also donate it to a local farm to be used as a trough. Alternatively, you could keep your old tub and put it in your garden as a feature. There are many ways to repurpose an old tub such as growing plants in it, using it as a bath for your pets or even filling it with ice and using it as a way to keep drinks cool at an outdoor party.


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