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The Essentials Every Girl Needs In Their Handbag

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Your handbag will be one of your most important accessories. If you ever left the house without it you might feel like you’ve lost an arm! The key to a good handbag is making sure that it’s well packed with plenty of your everyday essentials. These are the things that you will need when you are out and about, no matter where you might be.

To make sure you are never without any essentials, here are a few things that every girl will need in her handbag!


Possibly the most important item in your bag has to be your wallet. You can then have all of your bank cards, ID, and cash with you at all times. If you are only taking a small clutch out with you, you might not be able to fit your usual wallet in. Don’t worry, though; most clutches have small zippered pockets where you can stash some cards and money.


It can be embarrassing when you need to blow your nose but don’t have any tissues at hand, so it’s always worth having a small pack of them in your handbag at all times. You will then also have them ready to go if you ever get a bit teary eyed out in public!

Makeup Bag

You won’t have enough space for your usual makeup bag, but it’s worth having a mini one in your handbag that contains all of the essentials. Some lipstick, mascara, and blusher should do it. You will then be able to top up your makeup throughout the day to ensure you are always looking good.

Compact Mirror

No one is so good at makeup that they can apply it without looking at themselves! So, be sure to pop a small compact mirror in your handbag and you then never have to worry about messing up your face when trying to just touch it up.


If you vape you might want to keep one of your Blazedvapes liquids in your bag. That way, you never have to worry about running out when you are on the road.


Sometimes when you’ve been out all day and haven’t had time to eat or drink anything, you might notice that your breath starts to feel a bit stale. Don’t worry, that happens to the best of us. If you have some mints in your bag, you will be able to have much fresher breath all day long. They’ll also come in really handy if you are on your way to a date.

Hair Bands

As long as you have a few hair bands in your bag, you never have to worry about a bad hair day again. Even if you start the day off with your locks down, you can then pop them up into a loose bun or ponytail if they ever get too messy.


If it’s going to be a hot and sunny day, you will need to keep topping up with SPF when you are out. Otherwise, you are only increasing your risk of sunburn and premature signs of aging. So, keep a small bottle of sunscreen in your bag at all times.

What’s in your bag?

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