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Everyone is scared of something, or so they say. You might have a phobia of flying, a paralyzing fear of spiders or an irrational fear of being in wide open spaces. While phobias can be incomprehensible to those people who aren’t affected by them, for the sufferers, they are very real. The sheer terror that can be caused by snakes, birds, enclosed spaces or the dentist can be debilitating and impact on people’s quality of life. Instead of being one of those people crushed by fear, reaching for a brown paper bag and suffering from palpitations, consider being proactive and try to overcome your phobia. Take a look at these simple ways you might want to explore to help overcome your fear.





It doesn’t matter what you are scared of, there will be a hypnosis course that will claim to cure you of your fear. It may seem incredulous, but hypnosis has been known to work quickly for certain people with phobias. While considered controversial, hypnosis can address the anxiety and stress you feel when you focus on the thing that causes your terror. By unpicking the origin of your fear and your response to it, you can alter your thinking and frame of mind when confronted by the trigger. There have even been reports of people who are so afraid of spiders that they cannot even look at a picture in a book holding a tarantula after just one hour of hypnotherapy. Hypnosis works more effectively for some people than others. However, it might be worth a try if your phobia is becoming crippling.


Go Slow


If you have had a fear of the dentist for decades, you cannot simply book an appointment and go and get your teeth cleaned by a hygienist tomorrow. Work up to your goal slowly. Firstly, you need to locate the ideal dentist to treat you. This great list of tips details how to find a good dentist. You need to find a professional who has experience with individuals with anxiety, who has a calm manner and who will take their time during your consultation. There’s nothing wrong with visiting the surgery a few times before setting foot in the chair and getting to know the staff. If they have the caring attitude that you need to help you look after your teeth, they won’t mind you taking your time before committing to a consultation.


Go To The Professionals


Some phobias can be overcome by the professionals who deal directly with your fear trigger. For those individuals who have a phobia of flying, there are many courses run by pilots and airlines that endeavor to help you enjoy flying. Attending one of these courses will see you meeting like-minded people who also have a fear of being in the sky. It might be the concept of a heavy metal tube in the sky that causes panic, it could be the irrational fear of crashing even though it’s the safest mode of travel or it might just be a phobia of not being fully in control that gets your heart pumping, your brow filling with sweat and your stomach twisting in knots.


The professionals who run these courses have seen it all and can help you. They will answer all of your questions, provide you with detailed technical information if this will help and go through the reasons why air travel is safe. You might even end your course with a short flight, a trip to the cockpit and see turbulence in a whole new light.





Even if you aren’t ready quite yet to confront your fear, make sure you don’t bottle up your feelings. If you see an eight-legged arachnid in the corner of the room, talk to your nearest and dearest about your fear. They will listen, help you unburden your thoughts, and aid you in seeking help when you are ready. If you don’t talk to someone about your phobia, whether this is a friend, parent or counselor, your fear can escalate and cause serious mental well being issues.


Overcoming a phobia is far from easy. You may not ever be able to see a time in your life when you can casually walk past a spider, board a plane or get in an elevator. However, if you want to lessen your anxiety and stress levels, you need to work towards confronting your fears. Take your time, seek professional help and keep talking to embark on a less anxiety and stress filled life.

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