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Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall in Your Home

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Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall in Your Home

Gallery walls are incredibly trendy in the design world, and they’re a great way to highlight your creativity in your space. These are the top tips for creating a gallery wall in your home. Create a sophisticated focal point for any room you choose.

Choose Your Art

Gallery walls are eclectic, but the first step is always choosing the right art. There are many tips for starting your fine art collection, but pick meaningful and inspiring pieces for yourself. Choose a range of art in various styles to highlight your diverse tastes.

Create a Color Scheme

Gallery walls are allowed to be eclectic, but choosing a color scheme will help give your wall a unified feeling. Choose three or four swatches that work well together, and choose art that fits within your color scheme. Selecting a stunning color scheme for your gallery wall can make the room feel cohesive. Investing in the right wall art is also one of the top interior design tips for new homeowners.

Select Your Space

Selecting the right spot for your gallery wall is one of the essential tips for creating a gallery wall in your home. You’ll need to find a large enough wall to support your ambitious art design. Choose a large wall that is in dire need of an excellent focal point to create the perfect gallery wall for your home.

Arrange Your Art

The most crucial part of creating a gallery wall is choosing the way you hang your art. The best way to do this is to create mockups of your artwork sizes with paper and arrange the papers on the wall before you put any holes in your wall to hang. Create your mockups and place them until everything looks perfect so that you can avoid damaging your wall needlessly. Once you’ve found the right arrangement, it’s time to hang.

Hang Your Art Properly

With larger art pieces, you may need to find studs to support the weight. With smaller works, you may be okay with a small nail. Whatever you do, it’s essential to hang your artwork correctly so you can ensure it’s safe and secure on your walls. If you have a piece without a hanging kit, you can easily find wire hanging kits at the local hobby or hardware store. Invest in good frames for your artwork. The right frame can make a big difference in how guests and friends view your work. Hang your artwork correctly for the ultimate gallery wall.

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