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So water can be boring. Compared to juice and soda, it’s pretty tasteless and doesn’t make the average person want to go back for seconds. Sadly, H2O is the most important liquid on earth and we have to drink lots of it to stay fit. Think of it like liquid gold or oil but more valuable. Drinking two to three liters a day is problematic because water is unappealing. Thankfully, there are ways to sex it up and make it more attractive. In fact, the following tips may get you to quit drinking Coke and orange juice altogether.


Here’s what you need to know.

Add Fresh Fruit

Water and fruit go together like salt and pepper, so it makes sense to combine the two ingredients. Everyone knows about the likes of apple, orange and lemons, or any citrus fruits for that matter. However, don’t forget about the modest fruits which are less tangy yet just as refreshing. Probably the greatest tip is to cut up a cucumber into small chunks and stick it in the top of the glass. Water from the cucumber releases into the liquid and gives it a much-needed pick-me-up. Mint works well, too, as do strawberries and watermelon.

Let There Be Bubbles

Sometimes, you don’t have to add flavoring to make it more appealing. Studies suggest that sparkling and carbonated water is popular because it has a different texture. Yep, the fact that there are bubbles can make it tastier, or at least that is what the boffins think. Now, sparkling agua is an acquired taste, so you should be open-minded before you make the switch. Still, you can always go back to normal H2O if the bubbles don’t do much for your palette. To spice it up more, you can add fresh fruit for a mule-like kick.

Tea Or Coffee?

Usually, there isn’t a right or wrong answer, but there is in this case. Coffee and tea are 80% to 90% water, yet ground beans contain a harmful ingredient. The element in question is, of course, caffeine. Sure, it is in tea as well, but the ratio is a lot lower than what you would find in a cup of Jo. Therefore, drinking the liquid of Britain is a fantastic way spruce up an otherwise boring mug. To maintain a level of healthiness, avoid adding sugar or cream because they are fattening. Instead, yeah that’s right, go for a slice of lemon.

‘I’ll Have The Soup’

Your taste buds may be fans of savory over sweet, which is perfectly fine. Once you know what you prefer, you can introduce it into your diet with ease. For example, the British have another aromatic drink which they can ‘Bovril.’ In layman’s terms, it’s a spicy soup in a cup that is served hot. Although it may not appeal now, it is a different story when it touches the lips. Or, you can create a recipe at home and sip on soup instead of tea or sparkling water. Just watch the salt intake if you do.


Can you think of any other methods that can sex-up water?

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