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What Does It Take To Achieve Your Fitness Goals?

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Do you always find yourself setting fitness targets but never actually manage to meet them? If you have been trying out dozens of diets and workout styles for years and still haven’t managed to nail your fitness – permanently – then you are in a very similar situation to a lot of people out there. The trouble is that a large part of getting and staying fit involves developing an understanding of what it takes – you can’t expect success if you don’t really know what you are doing. With this in mind, here are a few things you should know about smashing your goals – let’s take a closer look.


No comparisons


Everyone is different. We all have different types of body, require different types of fuel, and prefer different types of exercise. And it’s here that we find our first problem – when you start to compare yourself to other people. Sure, it’s OK – and in many ways great – to look up to people in great shape and be inspired by them. But you should never compare your situation to theirs, as yours will be completely different.


Not only that, but the chances are that you have no idea about that person’s regime and techniques. They might post how much they are smashing their workouts every day on Instagram, but who’s to say that’s what they are really doing? They could be lying or they might be withholding the whole story – the reality is you just don’t know. So, by all means, seek inspiration, but understand that you have your own path to follow.


No ‘one ring to rule them all’


This point expands a little on the first – don’t forget that everyone is different. A lot of people search for that perfect diet and workout routine and aren’t happy until they find it. But here’s the thing: there is no one diet or workout regime that is the perfect formula for getting you to the fitness level you crave.


It’s the same with supplements – there is no magical, fix-all cure-all solution that is going to do the work for you. You have to do the hard work and put in the effort. The truth is that there are many different ways of hitting your targets, and the key is to find one that suits your lifestyle and adapt it if you want to make this a permanent change.

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No ‘Steady Eddy’ cardio


Cardio is vital to achieving your goals, but it’s important to understand that going for a regular jog every other day is not going to get you the best results. Of course, you will lose some weight and start looking better – but unless you introduce some HIIT into your cardio sessions, you won’t get leaner.


HIIT is high-intensity interval training that combines aerobic and anaerobic exercises. When you do a HIIT session, the high intensity means your body stays in a calorie burning state for up to 24 hours after you have finished your workouts – meaning you will be burning off fat even if you are just crashing out on the couch in sheer exhaustion. The great thing about HIIT is that you can pack a huge amount of work into a reasonably short period of time, and 25 minutes of high-intensity, mixed exercise is so much more fun than 60-90 minutes on a treadmill.


Mix things up


As any fitness expert will tell you, it’s important to take a mixed approach if you want to meet your goals. A cardio-only regime won’t help you build muscle, which helps you burn more fat. A lifting-only regime could mean you only target specific muscle groups. And unless you are doing regular core sessions, you may not get the stability and core strength needed to take you to the next level.


Take something like BODYCOMBAT. In this workout, you will train your entire body and get fitter, faster and stronger. It will help you burn huge amounts of fat, but also make you stronger as a whole, meaning you will get so much more out of the other areas of your regime – such as weightlifting.


Follow through


The vast majority of people who want to get fit but fail do so because they don’t follow their workouts or nutrition plans to the very end. It’s really that simple. If you want to achieve your goals, make sure they are attainable, and then be highly specific about your plans. It’s important to take into account the amount of time you have spare so that you can fully commit, or the reality is that you just won’t taste success.


We’re not suggesting this is going to be easy – it’s a huge challenge. But with a proper plan in place – and one that fits into your current life schedule – you will find it easier to stick to your guns. And there will be far fewer chances of dropping out before you reach the finish line.


Define your motivation


Motivation is critical if you want to succeed in your fitness goals. And it’s important to have the right motivation in place, too. The truth is that unless you are intrinsically motivated to do this for yourself, there is a very good chance you will fail. It’s not enough to lose weight or get fit for someone or something else – the motivation has to come from you.


This is part of the reason why so many people fail when it comes to setting New Year’s fitness goals. They set them because they feel guilty about overeating throughout the holiday season, and also to fit in with the rest of society who are doing the same. But deep down, most of these people aren’t prepared to put in the hard work, simply because they aren’t motivated for the right reasons. If your heart isn’t in it, you won’t succeed.


Have fun


Finally, make sure you have fun on your fitness journey. Enjoy the experience, don’t dread it. Set yourself little rewards – it’s OK to have the occasional slice of pizza or glass of wine, for example. Just don’t overdo it – and your goals will start to be achieved. Good luck!

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