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What’s The Best Season To Get Married?

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The time of year you get married can have a big impact on the price, the availability, and the weather. While summer is traditionally the most popular season, it may not be the best option for everyone. Below are the pros and cons of getting married in each season.


Getting married between March and May can have many benefits. It’s the season of rebirth – the days are getting longer and the trees are blossoming. There aren’t as many events during this period of the year, so attendance should be strong. Booking a wedding in March or April can also get you some of the cheapest deals.

Of course, there is the high risk of April showers – if you really don’t want it to rain on your wedding day, avoid this season. A destination wedding in a warmer dryer climate could allow you to minimize this risk. This guide explains more about booking a destination wedding (bear in mind that this could restrict guests and push the price up).


Summer is the most popular season for weddings due to the low chance of rain. It’s the most ideal month for organizing an outdoor wedding. You can also enjoy a summer honeymoon after.

Due to the popularity, this is the most expensive season to get married and you may have to book early to secure available venues and vendors. This is something to consider if you’re on a budget or booking a last-minute wedding. You may also want to dress lighter to account for the heat – check out this post for tips on what to wear at a summer wedding:


Fall is a very popular season for weddings – second only to summer. The changing colour of the leaves and the cooler-but-still-warm temperature make it idyllic for many people. Beyond September, you can also start to get some great deals that you can’t get in summer.

The drawback of this season is that it can be very busy for events ranging from Halloween to NFL games. As a result, your wedding may clash with other events. You may also be limited when it comes to flowers (although this site has a great guide to Fall flower displays


Winter weddings are underrated. While the weather isn’t going to be sunny (unless you’re willing to travel), you can embrace the cozy warmness of winter with fireplaces and hearty food. Prices are very low (aside from December, which can be quite high), and – if you’re lucky – you may get snow.

It’s definitely not the season for an outdoor wedding. Some venues may also be shut during this season. In other words, your options may be limited – but it’s still worth considering. 

Which season is right for me? 

Summer is the best season if you want to guarantee warm weather. Winter is the best season for saving money (aside from December). Fall and Spring sit somewhere in between – a Fall wedding may have slightly better weather, while a Spring wedding may guarantee better attendance. 

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